Friday, May 11, 2007

Yes, You Are In The Right Place

When I started my blog, it was mostly for a place to upload my daily sketches. I couldn't publish it without a title, but a catchy title escaped me. I thought, "Well, what is the blog about?" My sketches. And a bit about knitting and karate and other stuff...I finally settled on the working title of Sketches and More. I thought it was frightfully dull, but would use it until I could come up with something witty and clever.

Unfortunately, nothing witty and clever has occurred to me. Still, the more time passes by, the more I dislike my blog title. So I am actively trying to come up with a new one. I'd once considered entitling it The Eclectic Eccentric, but that just didn't appeal much more than Sketches and More did.

I briefly considered A Tangled Web--a title inspired by the state of the yarn I was knitting with at the time. I decided against that one, though. I felt there were too many negative connotations associated with that phrase.

I thought about having a Name That Blog contest, but then I thought, "what if nobody suggests a name I like?" I'd still have to pick a winner, and I might end up stuck with a blog title I don't like much better than the old one. Then I thought, maybe I'll have an open ended contest. You know, the kind where I leave the contest open until someone comes up with a name I like. Yeah, that's a good idea. Or if no one suggests a name that appeals, I could decline all the ideas and choose a winner by a random drawing. That's another good idea.

But then there's the conundrum of what to offer as a prize. Usually, when knitters hold a contest, they offer up some really nice yarn or knitting accessories as a prize. Only two problems with that idea. One, I don't really have any really nice yarn (unless you like acrylic), and two, that would exclude those of my readers who don't knit. Then I thought I could offer one of my drawings as a prize, but that would mean I'd actually have to find time to sit down and do one. That left me with one more option...

I could offer a variety of prizes appealing to a wide range of interests and let the contest winner choose which one she (or Buck) would like to have the most. Yeah, that is what I'll do.

So here are the rules: The contest will run for two weeks. You will have until midnight May 26, 2007 to submit ideas for a title for my blog. If, at the end of that time, none of the entries jump out and grab me, I'll choose a winner randomly by putting all the names into a hat and having my son draw one out. I may not use that title, but the person whose name is drawn will be able to choose a prize. To enter, simply leave a comment with your suggestion. Potential prizes will be photographed and posted tomorrow.

The good news is, my blog is no longer listed as a spam blog.


Buck Pennington said...

Interesting concept, Becky. Integrating your three principal hobbies...pursuits?...into one title won't be easy. But you know that, right? ;-)

On another note entirely, I note from your sidebar that George Carlin is 70 today. Already? Makes one feel very old, that does. Simply because I can remember buying his first album...all too clearly.


(OTOH I'm sure Mr. Carlin feels just fine about today, as he should.)

Bag Blog said...

I have put my thinking cap on and will be considering a name for your blog.

I saw George Carlin in Las Vegas years ago (same time as my tailhook adventure). Paul Revere and the Raiders opened for him. We sat right up front thanks to my friend who tipped well.

PerpetualBeginner said...

My suggestion would be "Playing with Sticks" I.e. bo, knitting needles, and pencils.

Scattered Gemini said...

Hi Becky~

I came over from the Socks For Soldiers group. Welcome aboard! Kim, the group leader has approved yarns for sale. She buys them in bulk to give us a better price on quality yarns. If you email her she can tell you how to go about getting some from her. It's pretty easy...tell her which yarn you want and how much and she'll tell you the cost + shipping. I've always used Paypal to pay her but you can send her a check or MO too.

The group also has a donations basket for when people still want to knit socks for the soldiers, but can't really afford to buy yarn at the time. Other members donate yarns and they sit until needed by someone else.

Ok. I'm joining in your contest here...

What about "Creatively Lethal"? Or "Lethal Creativity" It popped into my head. Lack of sleep, i know! ;)

As an FYI, i'll be posting a contest to my blog some time today (May 25) it will run until Labor Day. Come play!


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