Monday, January 30, 2017

Going To The Store

Normally, I go to the store on Fridays, when I have to go into town to do all my payday errands anyway.  This past Friday, I didn't go because...well, I can't remember why, but I didn't go.  No worries.  I had plenty of milk.  I'd just go Saturday after work.

Saturday was a beautiful day.  Sunny, blue skies, cool breezes.  I left work, got into my car and started driving.  I got almost home when I looked around and said, "What am I doing here?  I was supposed to go to the store."  Oh, well.  I'll go home, change clothes, then go to the store.  But, you know me.  Once I'm home, I'm home.  Needless to say, I didn't go to the store Saturday, either.

Today was one of those Murphy's Days at work.  Whatever could go wrong did.  We had a lot of people out, and Group Leader Theresa came and asked me, "Are you going to need [the other sub-brazer] over here?" 

"YES!" I replied. 

"Well, I'm going to move her over there," Theresa said.  Um, why'd you even ask if you weren't going to listen to what I said?  She's bad about that. Saturday she asked me if I knew how to do such and such job.  I told her no, and she told me to go down and do the job I'd just told her I didn't know how to do. 

Back to today, stuff just kept going wrong, which meant they had to skip a few orders.  That put the sub brazers behind from the get go.  I jokingly told Theresa, "This is how you give your brazers gray hair!"  Not much she could do about it, though.  We can't send bad parts out the door, you know. 

Eventually, Murphy's day finally came to a close.  I went out to my car and just sat there for a long time debating whether I really needed the things I said I needed from the store -- mainly milk.  My life seems to revolve around when the milk jug and the dog food bag runs dry.  Did I have enough milk for breakfast?  Maybe I'd just skip milk with my breakfast.  Maybe I could go tomorrow.  Maybe tomorrow would be a better day at work.  Then again, maybe tomorrow would be worse. 

I finally told myself that I might as well go and get it over with.   Off to the store I went. 

Sunday afternoon, I watched Captain America: Civil War on Netflix.  I was watching it, and some things just weren't jiving for me.  There were a couple of new characters, and some story inconsistencies that just weren't making sense.  Where did those people come from, and what was going on here?  I asked on Facebook if I'd missed something, and sure enough, some of my friends told me I needed to watch Age of Ultron first.  Well, that explains it.  I hadn't seen Age of Ultron. 

I checked Netflix, but they didn't have it.  I checked Amazon.  They had it to buy, but not to rent.  Since I like to have the physical copies of my movies, while I was at the store this afternoon, I wandered over to the electronics section and found the two movie set. 

I promptly added it to my collection. 

I had several of the Marvel movies, but when Cody left, he took most of them with him.  Now I have to start over.  I have these two and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. 

I think I'm going to turn in early tonight.  I was up late last night watching a documentary on the six wives of Henry VIII. 

Marvel comics and Henry VIII -- that's just who I am. 

Saturday, January 28, 2017


My cousin Billy found the holy grail of ancestry!  This is Peter Magnus Gunstream and his wife Mary Alita Gunstream.

Peter was born in Sweden on November 8, 1816 and came to America in 1836.  He landed in New York, New York on his 20th birthday.  He brought with him a tool chest and a Bible.  He met Mary Alita Davis in Louisiana, and they were married on August 11, 1842.  Their first two children, Gustavus (my great grandfather) and Belinda were born in Louisiana. 

The family moved west and settled in what would later become Wood County, Texas in 1847.   Peter grew rice, wheat, oats, and sorghum.  In the years leading up to the Civil War,  he foresaw the need for both a lumber mill and a grist mill.  Peter build a dam and formed a pond, then he bought an 8 foot overshot water wheel, and soon the two mills were in operation. 

On November 15, 1852, after receiving permission from the U.S. Postmaster General, Peter opened the first post office in Holly Springs, Texas.   Peter was also the first county commissioner for Precinct 4 after Wood county was organized in 1850.  Sometime during his life, he apparently ran a cotton gin as well. 

Peter and Mary had 8 children, two of whom died in childhood.  After Mary's death, Peter married Mary Rogers, and they had two children.  Peter's third wife was a widow named Ellen Winkle.  They had no children. 

Peter died in March of 1882, and is buried in the family cemetery overlooking the old homestead and what is now known as Gunstream Lake. 

Source:  Wood County

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Upheaval And Weeds

If you know anything about me at all, then you know one thing I do not like is change.  Seriously.  I have been eating the same breakfast and lunch nearly every day for well over a decade.  Rearranging the furniture causes me serious stress.  I don't even like buying new clothes.  I'd just as soon everything stay the same forever.  And ever.

Ever since we got back from Christmas break, I've been in a state of upheaval at work.  My supervisor, Supervisor Nate, is moving to a new job.  Still with the plant, just a different position.  He's been training for the last two weeks, and Supervisor Calvin has been over my area.  Just about the time I get used to working for Calvin again (I've worked for him before, a long time ago), I found out that starting next week, Supervisor Mike will be our supervisor.  I'm kind of feeling like the proverbial frog in a blender here lately.

This afternoon, Mike came over and spoke to a few people on the line.  He thought he was going to get smart with me and asked, "Where are those Dallas Cowboys earrings you usually have in your lobes?"

"In the drawer, right next to your Seattle Seahawks earrings,"  I shot back.  Figuratively speaking, that is.  Supervisor Mike doesn't wear earrings.

All right, then.  Upward and onward...

To some of you, this may look like a lush, green lawn. 

The reality is, it's a yard full of weeds.

I can see at least four different kinds of weeds.  There may be more, I don't know.  I had to run into the store after work for dog food, so I went over to the garden center and picked up some weed killer.  It's Ortho something or other.  Supposed to be safe for grass.  We shall see.  I'm determined that my front yard at least will look nice. 

Since I was outside taking pictures anyway, I thought I'd show you some of the other goings on in the yard.  Here you have a photo of my roses.  What you can see of them anyway. 

I really pruned them back pretty hard, since they had been let to run wild for who knows how long.  I'm not finished with them, but I think I'll leave them alone for this year.  I need to research some more, since I don't really know what I'm doing.  I just cut away the branches that were rubbing or crossing each other, and tried to open up where it was really thick in the middle.  I hope I didn't kill it. 

In this picture, you can see some of my daffodils coming up. 

I put them all in this bed last year. 

Those are spider lilies surrounding it, which I want to move, and I still have several more patches to move or thin besides these, so as you can see, I will have plenty to share.  Anybody who wants some, just hit me up and I'll hook you up.

My next project will be to work on my crepe myrtles.  No, I do not intend to commit crepe murder, but they definitely need some work.  This one is probably the scraggliest of the lot.  

I'm going to see what I can do to shape them up some. 

Wish me luck.  I've never dealt with crepe myrtles before.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

One Of Those Days

This is one of those days.  It happens every now and again, and it happened again today.  What is it that is causing me such distress?  I'll tell you.

I can't think of anything to blog about.

All day at work, I was trying to think of something fascinating to tell you about, but I couldn't.

I thought for a moment, I could tell you about this guy.  If you've been reading my blog for a while, you might remember this story.  If you haven't, well, there is the link above.  I caution you, though, not to have young children hanging over your shoulder if you choose to read it.  It's nothing vulgar, but is a bit crude.

What I didn't tell you is that for weeks after that, he tried to catch me looking.  I'd be working, and he'd walk by and turn around really fast to see if I was looking at him.  Another time, I was watching a guy across the aisle, and this guy walked right in front of me, then turned really fast to try to catch me watching, but I never was.  That went on until he got moved back to second shift.  

I wasn't just going to rehash an old story.  I was going to tell you that he got moved to day shift when we came back from Christmas.  So far, he hasn't acted like he remembers me, and I've been ignoring him.  Suits me just fine.

Then I thought I could tell you how I pruned my roses back Saturday evening.  However, I hadn't gone out and taken pictures, and it's kind of dull without pictures.  And I though I would tell you about how my daffodils are making an appearance, but again, I didn't take pictures.

Or I could tell you how I made my oatmeal just a bit too soupy yesterday morning.  I poured the last little bit of milk off into the dog's bowl, but the cat decided she wanted it.  The cat got it.  The dog knows who is boss. 

Oh, yeah!  I'll tell you about this!  I got to work this morning, and one of the mirrors in the bathroom was missing. 

Makes me wonder what kind of wild parties they have on the night shift.

BTW, the soap dispensers have been broken for weeks.  Replacements are supposedly on order.  However, given that one of the sinks has been broken for upwards of 15 years, I'm not holding my breath on that. 

Well, I could have told you all of that stuff, but today was one of those days when I just couldn't think of anything to blog about.

Monday, January 23, 2017


I'm back!  I know it's been a while.  I'd meant to blog, but I didn't.  Then I meant to blog again, but I didn't.  And I'd meant to blog a third time, but I didn't.   So, here I am today.

Truth is, I came home from work Friday, turned on C-Span and watched all the inauguration stuff. I got so caught up in it, that I just didn't take the time to blog.  Of course, I'd missed it live, being at work at the time it all went down, but they replayed most of it.  The only inauguration that I got to see as it was happening was Bush (43)'s first one.  I'm not sure why I was home from work that day, but I was.

Anyway, back to this week, after staying up way too late watching all the pomp and ceremony, then getting up at 3:30 to go to work Saturday, I was a bit brain dead by the time I got home.   I don't normally blog on Sundays anyway, so there you go.  And that brings us to today.

And here we go...

My cousin has been posting more old family photos.  I stole these to share with you.

This is my grandfather's brother, Uncle Charlie.

If I remember right, and I'm sure Beverly will correct me if I'm wrong, Uncle Charlie was the third child of my great grandparents.  He was a very handsome man.

This is Uncle Mag, my grandfather's oldest brother.  Again, I think.  I have all this written down somewhere.  Uncle Mag definitely has the Gunstream look about him. 

My great grandparents had 12 children, but only five lived until adulthood.  My grandfather was the youngest, so the oldest three were grown and having children of their own by the time Pappaw came along. 

This is Pappaw and his closest (in age) brother Louis Clyde. 

My other cousin Billy found that one online somewhere, but I haven't been able to find where he got it.   He said it was on the Quitman Public Library website, but I can't find the photos section on there.  I mean, there is a section labeled photos, but I can't find these.  My ludditeness is showing again. 

Finally, this is my great grandmother Harriet Burford Gunstream

and my great grandfather, Gustavus Adolphus Gunstream. 

I'd seen the picture of Great Grandma Harriet before, but it took me until just now to realize that was chair behind her, and not her hair.  Billowing out behind her.  In a frizzy pouf. 

All this time, I'd thought I'd gotten my mop from her. 

Strangely enough, that kind of makes me disappointed. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017


There I was at work, just a working away, when my coworker came over and asked, "Did you write a blog yesterday?" 

Truth is, I hadn't, because I was just so tired I couldn't think of anything to say.  It was the worst kind of tired, too.  Not because the work day was so busy.  Quite the opposite.  It was because it was so slow.  I'm the kind of person who likes to stay busy, and days like yesterday are pure torture.  I can't stand just standing around, or trying to find stuff to do.  I want to work.  But that's how it was all day yesterday.  By the time I got home, all I wanted to do was sit in front of the TV and do nothing.  Thus, no post.

I told my coworker no, and she admonished me with a shake of her finger.  You should all be thankful, because if it weren't for her finger wagging, you probably wouldn't be getting a post today, either.  I have been totally discombobulated all day long. 

It all started when I woke up sometime in the middle of the night, and the first thing that popped into my head was, "I was asleep!  I was actually asleep!"  And the day just went down hill from there.

One of my coworkers is expecting a baby early next month, so we are going to have a little baby shower for her.  I was mentioning to another coworker that I had to go to the store this afternoon, and it was raining.  All the way home yesterday, I was telling myself to go to the store, because it was going to be raining today, but I didn't go, so now I have to go.  She asked me what I needed to get, and I said, "A gift for [our coworker]".  The one to whom I was speaking looked at me like I'd lost my mind and said, "You know when the shower is, right?"  I said, "tomorrow."  No, it's next Friday. 

She'd told me the date, but for some reason, I had tomorrow set in my mind.  So, yay, I didn't have to go to the store in the rain.  But that wasn't the end of my discombobulation.  As the work day drew to a close, I started looking for my supervisor to bring our paychecks.  It got closer and closer to quitting time, and still no paycheck.  Where was he with my paycheck???  Oh wait, it's only Thursday.  Sigh...

The good news is, there was a package waiting for me when I got home.  In said package was some yarn my mother in law sent me.

It's a really nice wool acrylic blend, and is so soft.  

It's DK weight, too, which I don't have a lot of.  I'm sure I'll find something to do with it.

Sometime between Tuesday and today, I realized I hadn't shown you the ceiling in my half bath off the master bedroom. It's as bad as the rest of the room. 

Yes, that is an actual hole in the upper right of the photo.  There are also several small bumps like the one at the bottom of the photo, just to the right of the lights.  I'm not even sure what they are.  Someone asked me if the previous owners did this job themselves.   I would have to say yes, because I can't imagine a professional doing this shoddy of a job. 

I know when I get it redone, I will be hiring a professional.  Which is why it hasn't happened yet, because those professionals don't work for free. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to browse patterns for DK weight yarn. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

My Bathroom

It's a good thing I got out and moved my spider lily bulbs yesterday, instead of waiting until today.  It was raining when I got up this morning.  It was raining when I went to work.  It was raining when I got off work.  It's raining now.  It's supposed to rain all day tomorrow, too.  And Thursday.  And I don't want to talk about it any more.

Since I brought up the subject of my bathroom yesterday, some of you might think I was exaggerating.  So, here are pictures to prove what I was saying.

1.  I know it's hard to see in this picture, but the top half of this wall is about 1/4 inch further back than the bottom half.  It looks like they bent the drywall to make the seams meet.  And, yes, it was stained like that already.

 2.  For some reason, instead of installing the drywall vertically, it seems to have been hung horizontally.  Therefore little lines like this go all the way around the room.  And I do mean, all the way.

3.  The drywall doesn't meet in the corners.   This is the worst one, but none of them are flush.  BTW, this picture is the closest one to the actual color of the walls.

4.  The texturing -- which is awful to begin with -- is very unevenly applied.  You can see here it is very dense. 

Just a few inches away, the wall is nearly smooth. 

5.  Here is an obvious seam between the drywall panels, in addition to the horizontal one going all the way around the room.

As you can see, it's not worth trying to fix what is there, so when I can save up enough money, I'm going to have the whole thing redone.  Completely replace the drywall, get the wiring up to code, and replace the insulation.  I'm sure it has the fiberglass stuff that was popular back in the 60s and 70s.  I want to put that expanding foam insulation in there.  I know it's more expensive, but I think it's worth the money. 

The problem is getting the money.  The good news is, I get to go in early tomorrow to do what we call picking up partials.  What that means isn't really that important to the story.  What is important is overtime.


Besides, who needs sleep anyway? 

Monday, January 16, 2017


I have succeeded in getting Cody's room cleaned up.  It is once again his room, doubling as a guest room.  Except that I never have guests.  So, it's mostly just Cody's room.  Except that he never comes home,'s... still his room, and it always will be. 

Over the last few months, however, it had started transforming into a storage room again, and I wasn't about to let it complete that transformation.  So, this afternoon, I put on some music, and got in there and started cleaning.

A big part of that cleaning was combining boxes.  When Cody left to go back for his last semester of college, he left several boxes of his things behind.  Turns out most of those boxes were only half full.  I combined them and was able to toss two empty boxes into the trash.  Everything else I stacked neatly in a corner of the closet.  It looks a whole lot better in there now.

I finally got his new sheets and comforter on his bed.  I still need to get some pillows for that room, but at least he's got sheets now.

Somebody tell me, what is the deal with polyester sheets?  I don't think they would be at all comfortable to sleep on.  If they hadn't come with the set, I wouldn't have bought them.  I don't think Cody will care, though.  He can sleep anywhere.   

The blue and black curtains will eventually be moved out of that room.  The blue one will go into my bedroom, and the black one will be moved into the craft room.  I can't find any curtains the color I want to put into Cody's room, though.  I'm looking for the dark green color of the fish and canoes, but haven't found it yet.  OK, OK, I haven't really looked, but now that Christmas is behind me, I can get back to working on the house. 

While I was cleaning, I found some paintings Beverly and James had given to Cody when they moved out.  I'd forgotten about them.  I'll have to get them down and see what they are, and see if they'll go with the hunting lodge theme I've got going in there. 

I wanted to show you this other thing I found.  It's a box of glass ornaments that someone gave me for Christmas years and years ago.

I have never, ever put them on the tree, because cats, and I'm a bit on the klutzy side, but I absolutely love them.  I especially love this.

It's a sheet showing which space each ornament fits into.  So much better than trying to guess where they go.  And look, even the storage box is gorgeous.

It it wasn't storing glass ornaments, I'd put my treasures into it.  If I had any treasures, that is...

It's the little things that made a house a home.  I finally got my toilet paper holder put up. 

I'd bought it several months ago, but hadn't put it up because I want to redo that bathroom.  I was going to just paint it, but whoever put up that drywall did a really poor job of it.  Same with the texturing, which I don't like anyway.  It's really thick in some spots, and almost nonexistent in others. 

After thinking about it, I'm going to find someone to pull all the drywall off and just replace it completely.  It's going to be a while before I can afford that, so I went ahead and hung the TP roller.  I can put it back up after getting the bathroom done. 

Don't you just love that color? 

That's sarcasm, by the way.  It just boggles my mind they way they decorated that bathroom.  I don't understand why anyone would even do that.  How could they have thought that would look nice?  Well, different people have different tastes, and this room definitely isn't in my taste.

So, I did all that this afternoon while it was raining.  This morning, I got out into the yard and moved four more clumps of spider lily bulbs out of the middle of my yard.  That's the last of the ones in the front yard.  I still have one sizeable clump, but those are the ones I'm going to send to my friend Cyndye. 

My neighbor Mrs. Newman was out working in her yard.  She asked me what I was going to put into my front flower beds this year.  I said I don't know yet.  I usually just walk through the flower section at Wal-mart and pick out stuff I like.  I am going to extend my bed a little more, too. 

But I'll show you all that as it happens. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Want To Play A Game?

Remember how I told you we used to like to play games?  Well, I got all those games out and moved them to the front closet, and in the process, I thought I'd show you what all I had.  .

There are the old classics, like Life, Clue, and Othello.

Scrabble, Connect Four, and dominoes.

Truthfully, I never liked Scrabble that much.  I only bought the game because I'd read that they were going to stop making them with real wood tiles.   Not sure if they did or not, but I bought one because of it.   I also didn't really like traditional dominoes, but we played Chickenfoot all the time. 

I'm not quite sure why I have three varieties of Monopoly, since I absolutely hate that game, but there they are.

Then there are these Lord Of The Rings games,

And this one.  It's one of those card games.  I never figured out how to play it. 

Same with this card game (on the right).  We did play a modified version of the board game on the left.  Cody really liked that one, and asked to play it often.

I bought these two when I was overseas, but the ex wasn't too much into playing games. 

So, family game night never became a thing with us.

Mancala was one of Cody's favorite games, and Skip-Bo was one of mine. 

The cribbage set was one my dad gave me, and the Roman game in the middle was another one I never figured out how to play.  I ordered it out of a game and puzzle catalog that I used to get every year around Christmas time.  I liked the idea of playing an ancient game. 

Trumpet was also a favorite, as was the Christmas Trivia game, which was designed to be used with a Trivial Pursuit board. 

We didn't have one, the LOTR version coming along much later, so we just answered the questions without keeping score.  Oh, the Star Wars game is another one that never got played. 

But this, this game is the piece de resistance of my game collection.  The very rare and hard to find Dragonriders of Pern board game.

OK, maybe not so rare, since I checked Ebay and found three of them on there, and two on Amazon.  I got mine off Ebay many winters ago.  It's another one I've never played.  I haven't even punched out the game pieces. 

I've also got at least one of my Dad's chess sets around here somewhere.  If I find it, I'll be sure to show it to you. 

Everything is all video games now, but I think there's a lot to be said for good, old fashioned board games -- you know, the kind where you actually have to interact with your opponents.  It's something that needs to make a comeback. 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Day One

I have a long weekend this weekend. 

I have long list of things I want to get accomplished on this long weekend that I have this weekend.  Amazingly enough, I've actually gotten a few things done from my long list of things I want to get accomplished on this long weekend that I have this weekend.  I figured I'd spend this long weekend that I have this weekend sitting in front of the TV, but no, I've been a real go-getter on this first day of this long weekend that I have this weekend. 

Top of the list, I bought some of that expanding foam sealer and clogged up the openings where the wasps are getting in and out. 

Kinda looks like Jabba the Hutt is crawling up the side of my house...OK, I may have gone a little overboard with the foam, but I wanted to make sure those suckers were plugged.  I'm tired of having to dodge wasps every time I go out my back door. 

Besides, I can trim it flush once it sets well.  I went around and plugged all the holes, gaps, and cracks I could find, around all my windows and doors.  Maybe that'll help keep the giant spiders out of my house, too.  

Also on the list was to work on cutting up that big pile of firewood in my back yard, and maybe start sorting through some of the stuff in my shed.  However, it has been sooooo humid these last few days, that I didn't want to do anything outside.  I wasn't even outside that long, and was drenched -- well, it wasn't hot enough to really sweat, so let's just call it condensation.

How humid has it been?  It was so humid that last night when I went to bed, my sheets were damp.  I kid you not.  It made for a miserable night.  I changed said sheets this morning, and kept my little window air conditioner running all day, just to try to keep the dampness down.

Anyway, since it was too muggy to work outside, I thought I'd start cleaning Cody's room up.  When he was little, we liked to play games.  We stopped, though, because he got so ugly when he lost.  Not just when he lost, when I scored at all.  He wanted it to be a total shutout every time, and would pitch such a fit I didn't want to play with him.  It just wasn't fun any more.  I still have all the games, though.  When I moved into this house, I'd stuck them in the top of his closet.  

I'm thinking of moving them into the top of the coat closet in the living room, and put my Christmas wreaths up into his closet, where the games are now.   I ended up not doing that today, because I went into the craft room to get something, and got distracted.

I don't even remember now what I was looking for, but what I found was an entire bag of sock yarn I'd forgotten I had.  And a partially finished sock. 

I'm going to have to rip it and start over, I think.  I remember that I'd made alterations to the pattern, but I didn't write them down, because I'd remember, right?  Only I don't remember.

I found a Jayne hat.

And an almost finished Jayne hat, for which I already have a pom pom made that I can't currently find.  I just know I'd already made it.

Why I felt I needed so many Jayne hats is beyond me, but there they are.  I've actually knit one more, that I gave to Cody a few years ago.  When I was down there last month, he told me he does wear it.  And out in public, too.  We also discussed the fact that Cody's roommate had never seen Firefly, and how that was going to have to change.  He'd never seen Star Wars either.  Now he has.  Now, he is buying the DVDs of Star Wars. 

And I found a baby hat.

Which is nice, because we're having a baby shower next Friday for my coworker, who -- quite conveniently -- is having a boy.

That's about it for my day, unless you want to hear about the laundry I did, or the dishes I washed, or the dog's toenails I clipped.

Nah, didn't think so. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Be Careful What You Wish For

Yeah, yeah, I know it's been awhile.  There just hasn't been much interesting going on lately.  Still trying to get back into the groove at work, so there's not much exciting going on there. 

We do have some new people on our line.  Some of them are temps, but one came from second shift.  I won't call her name, but she calls herself "Queen" because that's what she seems to think she is.  And she writes it with 3s instead of the Es.  Like Qu33n.  She has attitude oozing from every pore.

At first, I thought it was just me, since I sometimes have trouble reading people.  However, in the last week, I've heard other coworkers talking.  They've noticed her attitude, too.   For example, yesterday, a couple of the header assemblies weren't fitting onto the coil, so Theresa told the person putting them on to bring them back to Queen to straighten them out.  Queen told the girl that she wasn't going to straighten the headers and for her to give them to me to do.  I guess she thought she was too good to rework headers.

She's also been complaining because when we git a bit ahead in our work, Group Leader Theresa has been asking her to help out on the line.  Now, let me step outside of my story for a moment, and tell you that we all get moved from time to time.  It's not like Theresa has been singling her out.  Everybody has to go and do what needs to be done, whether it's their regular position or not.  But, Queen somehow thinks she should be above such things.  Getting moved is just for us little people, so to speak.  And she's been letting everyone know exactly how she feels about it.

I'm not supposed to be working on the line.  I'm a sub-brazer. 
She's not supposed to move me, I came here to sub-braze. 
How come she never moves you? (Looking disdainfully down her nose at me.)
And don't you people know who my daddy is?

She's been whining to her daddy --who also works there, but isn't anyone of any significance.  He's a peon just like the rest of us.  She's been complaining about how badly she's been treated since she came to day shift.  Yesterday, I overheard him tell her, "Maybe you should take a vacation day.  If they have to run the line without you, they'll see how important you are." 

OK, so now I know where she got the attitude. 

It's a good thing I didn't have anything in my mouth, or everyone over there would have gotten a shower.  I went and told my group leader what he'd said, and she said, "Are you serious?" 

Today, Queen got her wish.  One of the line brazers was absent.  As soon as I saw she wasn't going to be there, I asked Group Leader Theresa if I could go line braze for the day.  I like to do that every once in a while, just so I don't forget how.  As soon as I asked, Theresa got this sly grin on her face and said, "Go ahead." 

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. 

I won't go into all the gory details.  Let's just say it wasn't pretty.  It was not pretty at all.  Theresa called her over to put her own headers on the coils, and she couldn't even do it, because they were so bad.  Maybe now now she understands why Theresa never moves me.   I can definitely say that all the people on the line do understand why Theresa never moves me.   They were begging me to go back to my stand, but Theresa said, "Stay over here a little longer." 

I have a feeling it will be a long, long time before Theresa moves me again. 

Ah, but I said I didn't want my blog to be nothing but griping about work, so let's talk about something else.  Such as knitting.

I'm still working on this scarf.  I've gotten to the point that my skein was starting to fall apart, so I had to wind the rest of my yarn into a ball. 

I'm almost done, but got kind of bored with it.  So, I picked up my sock again.

This is after two pattern repeats.  I'll probably knit two more repeats before beginning the heel flap. 

Sometimes, though, you just need mindlessness, so I started another square on the sock yarn blanket.

The good news is, we are getting a long weekend.  We get Monday off for MLK day, and I have a long list of things I want to get done.

The reality is, I'll probably sit in front of the TV all weekend. 


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