Thursday, December 18, 2014

I'm Free!!

I'm free!  Until January 5, that is.  We had to go in to work today for meetings.  Seems the law or something requires a certain amount of safety training, so they were doing it all in one day.  Plus we had a production meeting, and a communication meeting.

So, I sat there for 5 hours in hard, folding chairs with no arms.  By the time we got out, I was hurting from the top of my head to the bottom of my booty.  But I've got 2 1/2 weeks to recover. 

At the end of the series of meetings, the Director of Operations announced that he had put together care packages for all of us.  And behold, the aforementioned care package:

Inside, it had food. 

Two cans of chili, mashed potato flakes, peanut butter and jelly, a can of tuna

beans, rice, and summer sausage.  Taped to the top was a $20 gas card.  And it all came in a handy plastic box that will be perfect for storing yarn! 

Speaking of yarn, I warped the loom for the last Christmas present, only to discover to my dismay that the hanks of Supersocke are 30 yards shorter than the hanks of Sockittome Select.  If I'd known that, I'd have looked harder for the longer hanks.  Well, it doesn't really matter that much.  The scarf will still be long enough. 

More good news, the present I ordered for my sister arrived today!  Now I'm trying to get my act together enough to get it ready to mail tomorrow.  Wish me luck with that. 

Since the box it came in was too big for my mailbox, the mail carrier put took it to Beverly's house.  When I went over there to get it, Beverly said, "I have something for you.  A treasure."   

My aunt used to do ceramics.  I mean, she really got into it.  He had her own kiln and everything.  Sometimes I used to help her with them.   Up until she got too old to fool with them anymore, she made one of these little ceramic stockings for every member of the family. 

We're not sure why she misspelled Russell and Scott's names, but there they are.  I'm not going to correct them.  That's the way Auntie spelled them, and that's the way they'll stay. 

Here is mine:

And here is my daddy's. 

She painted those names on with a very thin paintbrush, not a marker.  I'm going to send my sibs theirs, but I'm going to be selfish and keep my dad's.  And Cody's, of course. 

They truly are a treasure.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy Hanukkah!

This is my favorite Hanukkah song. 

I finally finished this here scarf.

Well, except for trimming the fringe and washing it, that is.  The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome Select, and the color is Spring Frost. 

Tomorrow after work, I'll warp the loom with the last Christmas present.  I'll have plenty of time to work on it, since I won't have to work any more this year.  But, knowing me, it'll probably still be late. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Short Week

I already knew it was going to be a short week at work, but I found out today that it's going to be even shorter than I'd thought.  We're only going to work half a day Thursday, and it won't even be work.  We're supposed to be having some sort of meeting.

Nobody seems to know what the meeting is going to be about, but people are speculating that it's going to be what they used to call the "communication" meeting.  We used to have them once a month.  Then it became once a quarter.  Then every six they're only once a year.  So, that's going to be Thursday.  We didn't work Monday, so this is going to be a really short week.

Since we didn't work yesterday, I had to wait until today to poke Group Leader Fernando about the Army - Navy game.  He's an Army veteran, you know.  So, I made a sign and hung it up on my stand.  It said

One year the streak will end.

One year, Army will once again sing second.

One year the Black Knights will stand victorious following that which has become known as America's Game.

This is not that year.

Navy – 17
Army – 10


Then I just sat back and waited.  Sure enough, before too long, he walked by and read it.  And I got The Look. 

If you've ever gotten The Look from anyone, you'll know exactly what I mean. 

I thought briefly about wearing the Boat Head Thing to work, but I was afraid I'd catch it-- and consequently my head-- on fire. 

I caught my face on fire once.  Don't want to go there again.

And that, Friends, was the high point of my day. 

I did have to laugh, though.  They're starting to bring in temps to get them all trained up for peak season.  They're going to open up the temp line as soon as we get back in January.  Well, I went to the bathroom, and it was full of temps -- complaining about how hot it is in the plant.  I was like, "Kiddos, this is December.  Come back in August.  Then you can complain about the heat."

That's why the turnover rate is so high among the temps. 

I didn't sleep well last night.  I forgot to take my NyQuil before going to bed, but once I was in bed, I didn't want to get back out of bed, so I just didn't take it.  I would later come to regret that decision. 

I still didn't want to get out of bed, so I just coughed all night. 

And had strange dreams. 

But we won't go into that.  

Monday, December 15, 2014


You know my uncle passed away last month, so Beverly and James have had to be running back and forth to Texas these last few weeks.  This last time, they brought me back a couple of things, one being this plant from Uncle's funeral.  

It's actually three plants.  They're all potted separately, but the pots are in that one container.  I have no idea what they are.  One looks like a peace lily, but I'm not completely sure.  One might be a begonia, but again, I'm not sure.  I'm going to try to google them and see what they are and how to take care of them.  Anyone want to take bets on how quickly I can kill them?

Why yes I am growing a carrot in that saucer. 

I don't know why.  I was making my soup, and I noticed one of them had some leaves still growing, so I put it in a saucer of water.  It just seemed the thing to do at the time. 

They also brought me back these.  It's a brand new set of insulated coveralls that my uncle had bought, and apparently never worn.

They still had the tags and everything on them.  Uncle wasn't a very large man, so I was the only one these would fit.  I tried them on and they fit me pretty well.  They're a bit big on me, but not so large I can't wear them. 

Now I'm all ready to go hunting.  I just need to find some woods to hunt in. 

I briefly considered wearing them to church yesterday, but decided against it.  You never know whether they will have the air set to Roast or to Arctic.  It's supposed to cool off again these next couple of days, so I might just put them on and go walk around outside for a while.

In the cold.

Jesse says, "You can.  I'm staying inside where it's warm." 


Friday, December 12, 2014

A Long Time

Now this is something I have not been able to show you in a long time.

A long time.

New yarns!  These are Cherry Tree Hill Supersocke.  The one on the right is to make a Christmas gift with.  The colorway is Birches.

My sister in law saw the pictures of the hat and scarf I had given to Will and his wife, and requested a set just like it.  She specifically said she loved those colors.  I had some more of the yarn I'd made the hat with (good thing, too, because it's been discontinued), but had to track down some more of the scarf yarn. 

Since I had to order it, and since it's not cost effective to ship just one skein of yarn, I tossed the other two into the basket with it.

The one on the right is Sugar Maple.  It just so happens that I have a skein of this exact same color in DK weight.  You know what that means?   A matching scarf and hat set!!

The one in the middle is called Mountain Moss.  I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet.  I'll figure out something.

Today was the start of another four day weekend.  We only have three days to work next week, then we'll be off until January 5th.  It's times like this that I wish I were just a bit more sociable.  There is only so much sitting in front of the TV I can take before I get bored.  At the same time, having to leave the house is not my favorite thing to do, either.

I was standing there at work yesterday, when I had the most distressing thought.  What with all that has been going on these last couple of weeks, in a moment of blind panic, I realized I had completely forgotten to pay my water bill, my trash pickup bill, and my house note.  Fortunately, I was still within the grace period.  I had to pay a late fee, but didn't get my water cut off or anything.  Even more fortunately, I had already paid the electric bill, so that was a relief. 

Just one more thing before I sign off tonight....


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What Day Is It?

This weird work schedule has me all out of sorts.  I was looking forward all day to watching Master Chef Junior this evening.  About 6:15, I suddenly realized that today is Wednesday, and I'd missed it.  Master Chef came on yesterday. 

Such is my life.  At least I had Survivor and Criminal Minds to look forward to. 

Yesterday, I came home to find that Rylea is carrying on an inappropriate relationship with Mr. Frosty. 

"I wuv dis snowman," she says.

Today, I seem to have interrupted them doing something naughty. 

"What are you doing to that snowman???" says Squeaky.

"Never you mind," said Rylea. 

"If I weren't made of snow, my face would be so red," says Mr. Frosty.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Not Much

This is another one of those days when I just don't have anything to talk about.  Nothing happened.  Nothing at all.

I got up, went to work, came home, watched TV, cruised Facebook, and that's about it. 

Oh, I do have something to say!  One of my co-workers became a grandma for the first time today!   She's one of the three women we had the shower for last month.  Or October.  Or whenever it was.  I don't remember. 

Congratulations, Vanessa, on your new grandson Kylan.

The only other thing I've got today is that I made it past the gusset decreases on my second 'Merica sock.

And I had bacon and egg nog for supper, while watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. 

Like I always say, if you're too old for Rudolph, you're just too old. 

Monday, December 08, 2014

Lazy Monday

It truly was a lazy Monday.  Behold my biggest accomplishment for the day:

Speaking of Christmas presents, this is my nephew Joshua in his Halloween costume. 

My sister in law posted that picture on Facebook, so I told Joshua he needed a sonic screwdriver like the one I got last year.  Oh my goodness, that kid went so crazy, I could almost hear him spazzing from all the way out here.  "WHERE CAN I GET THAT?????"  he asked.  Well, Yoke Wan and I did a little conniving, and I said I'd send him one for Christmas.  A few days later, she asked me, "Is there any way you can send that a little early?  He is bugging me to death wanting one." 

Thanks to Amazon Prime and their free two day shipping, I'd already received the sonic screwdriver, so I wrapped it up and sent it on to him.  He was so happy to get it, he posted pictures of it, saying it was his new favorite device. 

How crazy is this kid for Doctor Who?  His mother posted videos of his piano recital in November.  What was he wearing?  The tweed jacked, bow tie, and fez.  Two weeks ago, she posted this picture of Joshua at my uncle's funeral.  Do you see what he is wearing? 

I think that fez has gone to his head.  But hey, fezzes are cool.  So are bow ties.

The only thing is that now he doesn't have anything to open Christmas morning, so I think I'm going to send him a little (inexpensive) something else.  Jammie Dodgers, what else? 

Back to my lazy day...I had to go to the post office to pick up a package.  Since I was in town, I went by Wal-mart and bought some more food containers and made turkey noodle soup.  With all the soup I have in my freezer, I shouldn't have to buy food for the next year. 

Oh, and I finished another hat. 

I need to finish the scarf I have on the loom, because I have a request for a scarf as a Christmas gift, but I'm just not feeling it. 

Well, it's back to work tomorrow.  All this time off is making me not want to go back.  But somebody has to pay the bills around here. 

These dogs sure aren't going to do it.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Eye Candy Friday

A few months ago, I posted about this psycho who had just started working on my line.  For those who don't want to go read that whole post, I'll just recap a bit.  I was minding my own business, working away, when the psycho walked up and started cursing me for having an attitude.

Well, in the intervening months, she has -- to put it into the local vernacular-- got into it with everyone at the front of that line.  So much so that nobody wants to speak to her.  In some cruel twist of irony, or karma, or something, she is now trying to buddy up with me, because I'm the only one who will actually talk to her.

They announced that we will be working 3 day work weeks for the next two weeks, then we'll be off until January 5th.  So, this girl was asking me what I was planning on doing over my long weekend.  And she asked me if I'd changed my hair color, because she remembered it being lighter.  When she has a question about work, she has to ask me, because I'm the only one who will answer her.  I think it's so funny that the one with the (bleeping) attitude is the only one who will pay any attention to her now.

Well, you reap what you sow...

I'm trying to be nice to her, because I know that before I figured out I was an introvert, and that it's OK to be one, I was hard to get along with.   Trying to force myself to be sociable was exhausting, and it made me short tempered and irritable. For a long time, I thought I was just a horrible, mean person.  Now that I know that when I start getting cranky it's time to go be by myself for a while, I'm much better in social situations.

Long story short, I know what it's like to be the one nobody likes, so I'm trying to cut the girl a little slack. 

Moving right along, I have broken my self imposed moratorium on buying yarn.  Someone requested a scarf in a specific color, so I had to order a skein of it.  Since it's not really cost effective to pay shipping on just one skein of yarn, I tossed a couple more into my shopping basket.  Now I just have to finish the scarf that is already on the loom so I can start this other one. 

In the meantime, let's just look at my Christmas cactus: 

Isn't it loverly? 

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Faith In Humanity Restored

After more than a week, I finally have my Jimmy back.

Yesterday was a very long, but a good day.  It started with a full day of work, then my friend Lirio  picked me up to take me down to Jackson to get my Jimmy.  She loved the yarn I gave her, but refused to accept any gas money.

After calling Will to let him know I'd found a ride away we went, talking and laughing the whole way.  I showed Lirio where I was when I first noticed my engine running hot.  She said she needed gas, so we pulled off at Canton.  I told her this was the same gas station I pulled in to to check my radiator.

"Oh, I'm taking you down memory lane," she said.

Back on the road, I called Will again for directions, and he told us how to get to his shop.  Lirio and I  had a brief moment of panic when we thought we'd made a wrong turn, but soon discovered we were still right on track.  Before long, we'd found the place.

The first thing Will noticed was my LSU hoodie.  "Hey, LSU!" he said.  Did I mention he's a fan?  Anyway, he popped Jimmy's hood and showed me what all he had done.  I nodded and said, "uh huh" like I knew what he was talking about. 

When it came time for me to pay him, Will said, "My wife told me, 'When she comes to get that truck, just give her the keys.'  You don't owe us a thing."

What??????  I jumped up and down and squealed like a girl.  Oh, wait, I am a girl..OK, moving right along.  I ran around the desk and hugged his neck.  We can have Christmas after all! 

After thanking him profusely and giving him the gifts, I got into Jimmy and we headed home to the sound of Will saying, "Call me to let me know you got home safely!"  Well, I headed home, and Lirio went to find Michael's and Hobby Lobby.

She texted me "I got lost."  I texted back, "Me, too!" but we both eventually found the highway and went our separate ways.

After all that, you'd think I'd feel home free, but no.  All the way home, I worried about hitting a deer.   Wouldn't that be just like me -- all that and I hit a deer.  Thankfully, I made hit home safely without incident.  I did see a dead deer, but at least I wasn't the one who hit it.

I got up and drove myself to work this morning, never so happy to see that raggedy old SUV, and I was reminded that, in spite of everything, there are still good people in this world.

My faith in humanity has been restored.   

Tuesday, December 02, 2014


My Jimmy is fixed!  I can go pick it up after work tomorrow.

Better news, it wasn't the lower intake gasket.  It ended up being the hoses after all.  One of them was cracked and brittle, and it was blowing the water out right there where the gasket was.  So it's a much cheaper fix.  He also blew out my heater core, so maybe I might have some heat.  Will asked me if I needed him to come get me, but I found a local friend who said she'd drive me down there.

I'm so excited!  I'm getting my wheels back!!

These are the gifts I picked out for Will and his wife:

The friend who is going to drive me is a knitter, too, so I'm giving her this yarn, plus paying for gas.

I'd originally picked out a skein of Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome Select, but I put it back.  I didn't want to give  her such a poor quality yarn.  Patons is good yarn. 

Speaking of Patons, I finished this hat. 

I think I've just about finished with the Christmas decorating.  This had the honor of being the first ornament I put on the tree this year.

And here is the finished product. 

Once there was a time when I collected nativity sets.  It got to be quite a storage problem, so I stopped.  I have so many that I can't put them all out every year.  I haven't put this one out in a long time. 

It's one Aunt Martha and I made one summer nearly 30 years ago -- listening to Christmas music.  In August.  I wanted to put it out this year.

It's a way of keeping her with us. 

Monday, December 01, 2014


After a week trapped in my house with no vehicle, I was actually looking forward to going back to work this morning.  You know, just so I could have somewhere to go.  One of my coworkers lives just up the road, and she said I could ride with her for as long as I needed to.  Which I hope isn't too much longer. 

Beverly and James got back from Texas last night, so after work this afternoon, I borrowed their car and went to Wal-Mart.  I don't like driving other people's cars, because I'm always afraid I'm going to wreck it or mess something up.  Plus, they drive differently than mine does.  Nevertheless, I did get out and drive to the store and back.  It felt good to get out of the house.  Better yet, I now have my life sustaining supplies of cat food, chocolate milk mix, bananas, and Christmas Candy.    I'm good.  For a few more days at least.

They also brought me back a couple of things from Texas.  The rifle on the left was my daddy's.

It's a 30-30, and they don't even make these kind any more.  James told me all about it, but that was yesterday.  I have a hard enough time remembering what I ate for breakfast this morning, much less something someone told me a whole day ago. 

I'm not completely sure why my uncle had it.  I know my Mammaw had called Dad one time and asked him to come get all of the guns out of her house, because she was terrified of my Pappaw.  He used to sleep from 6:00 PM to midnight, then roam the house for the rest of the night.  She was afraid to sleep.  Back in those days, there wasn't much they could do about it, but sometimes I wonder if he didn't suffer from PTSD.  He fought in WWI in France, but I don't really know any details.  We weren't much for sharing in my family.

Anyway, Dad brought some of the guns to our house, but this one ended up at my Aunt and Uncle's house.  Before he passed, Uncle made it very clear that this one had been my dad's gun and that it was to come back to one of us.  It came to me.

Note to any potential gun thieves out there, this gun isn't at my house.  It is securely locked in a vault in a nondisclosed location.   And that is where it shall remain.  The end. 

They also brought me this mug. 

Love of the Cowboys is something Uncle and I had in common.  When I was overseas, my aunt sent me a videotape of the family Thanksgiving gathering.  My uncle was sitting in his rocking chair, in front of the TV watching the Dallas Cowboys, and holding a shotgun.  That got quite a few odd looks from my shipmates, until I explained that going hunting had somehow become a family Thanksgiving tradition.  One of the kids had just come in from hunting and brought the gun back to Uncle.  He was waiting for the commercial to go put it back in his gun cabinet. 

So many memories...

But I digress... I used to have a mug just like this.  In fact, this one may have been mine, and I left it at their house when I went off to college. That was 30 years ago.  See above note regarding remembering what I had for breakfast. 

You know how it is when you're used to sleeping until you wake up, then suddenly have to start getting up early, so you keep waking up to check the clock because you're afraid you're going to sleep through the alarm?  Yep, that was me.  Every hour last night.  Needless to say, I'm a bit tuckered. 

I'm going to bed. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

There Has Been Knitting

Last week, when I had dragged everything out of my yarn closet, I had a bag with some charity scarves in it.  I pulled them all out of the bag to take a picture.

That's when I discovered that it wasn't all scarves.  Some of the frou frou yarn hadn't been knit up. 

That was a nice surprise.  That's a lot of mindless knitting while I watch Christmas movies.

 I also found these old socks I'd knit for that Socks For Soldiers group I used to be in.  I'd never sent them this pair because the legs were so tight Cody couldn't get them on. 

He's always had such gigantic feet that I figured if socks fit him, they'd fit just about anybody.  Somehow I'd misjudged the gauge on these, and they were so tight I couldn't even wear them.  Well, I found them during the Great Clean Out.  I ended up ripping them out and am going to repurpose the yarn.  That means reuse, but it sounds more hoity toity.

One thing I was thinking of, I was determined to finish this scarf.  

I'd originally thought I could get it done this week while I was off, but it requires too much concentration.  I got a couple of repeats done, but needed something more mindless to work on while watching football.  So, I cast on another hat.

This is yarn I had leftover from the matching hat and fingerless gloves I knit for my brother in law last Christmas.

Finally, this is as far as the latest weaving has come. 

I'm really paying attention to my tension, and it seems to be going better.  We'll see when this one is done. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Finally, a little good news!  Last night, when I took the dogs out for their bedtime potty break, I heard water dripping under my house. 

"Oh, great," I thought.  "One more thing." 

I wasn't going to worry about it at 10:30 at night, so telling myself I'd deal with it in the morning,  I went on to bed, feeling just a bit discouraged.  Today, after the feast and football, I got the flashlight and went out to see if I could figure out what was leaking.  And I did figure it out. 

Last time I used my garden hose, which was several weeks ago, I'd somehow neglected to turn the water off at the spigot.  I turned it off, disconnected the hose, and the dripping stopped.  I'm not sure if the hose split because of the couple of freezing nights we had, or if the freezing/thawing cycle just loosened the connection a bit.  I didn't look that closely. But even if the hose is split, it's a whole cheaper than replacing a pipe.  Whew!

Weeks like this, it seems like it's hard to be thankful, but I am.  I really am.  Sure my truck is in the shop, but at least I have one.  I broke down in South Jackson, but people I don't even know went out of their way to take care of me.  My door knob fell apart, but I have a house.  I didn't get to go to Texas, but at least I got to spend the day with my son. 

So, you see, there's always, always, always something to be thankful for.

Squeaky says, "I'll be thankful when you stop sticking that camera in my face." 

Yeah, Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I hadn't planned on going anywhere today.  I hadn't planned on going anywhere until Sunday, really, though there was the possibility of needing milk before then.  Other than that, I would have been perfectly content to sit at home for the next three days.

But somehow, being without a vehicle, knowing that I can't go anywhere has left me feeling trapped and restless.

The bad news is, it's probably going to be next week before I get my Jimmy back.  I'm seriously considering renting a car, even though I can't really afford it.  The worse news is, I left my work ID and safety glasses in Jackson.  In the Jimmy.  I'd thought about getting them out, but in all the hoopla, it completely slipped my mind. 

Oh, I can still go to work.  I'll just have to go to HR and get a new badge, then get Supervisor Ronnie to fix my clock in time.  He'll laugh, but that's OK. If it weren't for Will saying something, I'd have left my tool bag in there, too.

I'll have to bum a ride.  To work, that is.  Since half the plant drives right by my house, that shouldn't be too much of a problem.  I just don't like feeling like I'm imposing on people. 

As if all that weren't enough, to add insult to injury, I was letting the dogs out this morning, and the door knob fell apart in my hand.  I managed to jury rig it back together so that I can get in and out that door, but I don't know how long it will hold.  And since I am vehicle-less, I can't just run to the hardware store and get a new one.   I do have another door, but I don't like using it because it sticks.  Just one more thing I need to get fixed. 

It's times like this that I think maybe I need to break down and find me a man to take care of all this stuff so I could just stay home and cook.  I'd feed him good, too.  The trick would be finding one I didn't end up wanting to strangle after the first month.  So, I'll just keep taking care of things myself. 

Other than fretting over my car and rebuilding a doorknob, I spent the day getting everything ready for tomorrow.  It's just going to be me and Cody, but we are still going to have a good Thanksgiving.  I put all my casseroles together, so that all I have to do in the morning is bake them.

And I baked a pumpkin pie.

I was going to do a sweet potato pie, too, but I decided that one pie would be enough. 

Now I need to get to bed so I don't sleep through the parade tomorrow.  Yes, I still watch the parade.  I never miss it. 

Before I go, here is my new favorite Christmas song:

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Well, That Was An Adventure

It was supposed to be a simple, quick trip.

Drive down, pick Cody up, and bring him home for Thanksgiving.  No problem, right?  It's only about a 2 hour drive each way, so I ought to be home in time to make a pumpkin pie, right?  Right?   I did my pre trip checks -- oil, antifreeze, etc.-- and set out for Jackson. 

I got as far as Canton (about 10 miles outside of Jackson) when I noticed my Jimmy was running very hot.  I pulled off the highway and into a gas station to let it cool off.  I checked the fluid in the radiator and it was slap empty.  At first, I thought I might not have gotten the cap securely when I checked the fluid this morning, but no...the steam was coming from the wrong place.  I had a leak somewhere.

I ran into the store and bought another bottle of antifreeze and put it into my radiator.  I also filled up two empty antifreeze bottles with water, thinking I could just stop and top it up when it started getting hot, then hit the road again.

Nope.  I only got about 15 minutes farther down the road when the Jimmy started running hot again.  I pulled off the road at the nearest exit, into the closest gas station/convenience store and checked the radiator.  Sure enough, it was empty again. 

Now, normally in this situation, I would have called James or Mike, but since today was my Uncle's funeral, everyone I knew was in Texas.  Cody had wanted to go, too, but I already didn't trust my vehicle to make that trip.  Indeed, I barely made it to Jackson.  There's no way I could have driven all the way to Texas. Be that as it may...I did text James (because I wasn't sure what time the funeral was) and asked him to call me.

I called Cody and asked him if he could get someone to bring him to meet me.  For some reason, I was thinking that if I could just get him to be there with me, everything would be all right.  I didn't even know where I was, but I knew I needed him there.  I got on Google Maps and messaged him my location-- being thankful for the capitalistic society that made it possible for me to buy a phone with GPS on it, and the capability to send him a map with a little blue dot showing my exact location.  But I digress...only slightly. 

Cody's roommate is from Jackson, so he knew where the gas station with my little blue GPS dot was located.  I told Cody to ask him if he knew a reputable mechanic.   He didn't, but he called his uncle, who did. 

So, Dejuan* brought Cody to meet me, and stayed with us the whole time.  He called his uncle, who gave him the mechanic's number.  He called the mechanic, then handed the phone to me to explain what the problem was.  Will-- the mechanic-- said he would send a tow truck to bring Jimmy to his shop so he could check it out.  About 20 minutes later, he called back and said he couldn't get ahold of either of the tow truck drivers, so he was coming himself to look at it. 

After about half an hour, he showed up and the first thing I noticed was his Pittsburgh Steelers hat.  The first thing he noticed was all the Dallas Cowboys stickers I have all over Jimmy.  We laughed about that, because there is a long time animosity between Cowboys and Steelers fans.  We talked football a bit.  He checked out Jimmy, and said that the lower intake gasket was blown.  That's where the antifreeze was leaking.  He said it would not be safe to drive it back to Grenada because I could blow the head gasket and ruin the entire motor.  He didn't even want to risk driving it to his shop.  I would need to have it towed.

About that time, James called me and asked what was going on.  I told him what had happened, and that I had started to freak out a little bit and just needed to talk to someone who would know what to do.  He asked if I had roadside assistance on my car insurance.  I wasn't sure, so I did that State Farm jingle, and poof...nobody actually showed up and I felt like a fool.  Not really.  I called my State Farm agent, and she said that I did, but it wouldn't pay to tow the Jimmy all the way back to Grenada.  They'd only pay to tow to a local mechanic. 

Will was still there, because he wasn't going to just go off and leave me stranded, so I said I'd have them tow it to his shop, and just rent a car to drive back to Grenada. 

"You won't have to do that," he said.  "I'll drive you back." 

"Seriously?  You'll drive me all the way back to Grenada?"
"I sure will," he said.  "I'll even come get you when your truck is ready." 

 May I remind you, Gentle Reader, that it was over 100 miles from wherever I was to Grenada.  Then he'd have to drive that same 100 + miles to get back home.  Then do it again when Jimmy was fixed.  (Except that he may not have to.  I have a local friend who would probably drive me down there to pick it up.  And Cody has already found a ride back to school, so that's good.) 

Wow, I thought.  This guy is really going out of his way for me.  So, I called the roadside assistance number on the back of my insurance card, and they sent a tow truck.  Will called his wife, and she came and picked us up, then they both drove us back to Grenada.  It was about halfway during the trip back that we found out that Will is a huge, huge LSU fan also. 

Now if that's not a sign I have someone looking out for me, I don't know what is.  

Needless to say, we didn't make it home in time to make pies, but because of the kindness of some wonderful people, we did make it home. 

 And that is something to be very thankful for. 

*It's pronounced like DiJohn.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Vacation, Sort Of

Today begins my Thanksgiving break from work.  I won't have to go back until December 1st. 

Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the vacation days I have left, I'm only going to be working 10 more days this year.  One of those days off, I hope to make it up to Southaven and get together with Amy.  It's been too long since we've seen each other.  I thought briefly about going up there today, but decided I just didn't feel like it.  It's been a rough week, and I just needed a day to do nothing.

But I ended up doing stuff anyway.   

I went to the store and got everything I need for Thanksgiving.  Even though it's just going to be Cody and me, we're still going to have a good dinner.  I'll have to go down Tuesday and pick him up, then take him back Sunday afternoon.  Knowing him, he'll probably spend most of the time hanging out with his friends, but that's OK.  I'll commandeer him for dinner and an hour or two to help me put up the Christmas tree.

Aside from going to the store, I spent a good deal of the day organizing and putting away some of the yarn that has been piled on my couch. 

I know the pile is still pretty big, but I have put quite a bit of yarn back into the closet. The next thing is to find bags into which I can put all the half finished projects and their associated yarn.  I don't want all that just floating randomly around the closet. 

It would probably help if I actually finished some of the aforementioned half finished projects, but why get crazy? 

I'm also working on this hat, but it's going slowly.  Red Heart is hard for me to knit hats with anyway, and I'm using two strands with this one.  I can only do a few rounds at a time before my hands get tired.  I think this will be the last one of these I make for a while. 

The good news is, the yellow is the same color I'm using for Kyle's blanket, so as soon as I finish, it will go into that project.  Which I need to get back to work on. 

At this rate, it'll be done in time for him to give it to his first great-grandchild. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Cowboy Rides Away

This is where the cowboy rides away. 

Curtis Lavergne Armstrong
November 19, 2104


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