Thursday, December 02, 2010

Better Day

I know yesterday's post was very brief, but I was absolutely miserable.  My co-worker Vanessa and I apparently caught the same cold, because she was as miserable as I was.  Unfortunately for her, she didn't have any Nyquil, so while I feel a bit better today, she still felt terrible.  She said she's going to go get some today.  I'm going to take another dose tonight, and see if I can knock this thing on out.

Oh, I slept so good last night!  What with the alcohol and antihistamine in it, I was dead to the world --except for waking up once to go to the little girl's room-- until the alarm went off.  Dead to the world.

And that, my friends, is how it earned the moniker The Green Elixer Of Death.  Well, either that, or the taste that makes you wish you were dead.

But I have the best internet friends in the world!  They all got together and cyber sang Soft Kitty to me, when I was feeling at my lowest.

We got off work early today, because December is the slowest of our slow time.  Not much new home construction in December, therefore not much call for air conditioners.

Anyhow, when I got home, I found a package waiting for me.  As soon as I saw the return address, I knew what it was.  My friend Kristine is opening a yarn and pottery shop, and a couple of weeks ago had put out a call for volunteers to knit samples for her shop.  Naturally, my hand was one of the first to go up, especially when I saw she needed some hats done.  I've been on a hat kick here lately, in case you couldn't tell.

So, I open the package, and the first thing I pull out is a rather nondescript piece of paper with some writing on it.  It says To Becky, Best wishes & God Bless, followed by an indecipherable signature.

My first thought was, "That's odd that Kristine didn't put any further instructions in there," and I set the paper aside.  I pulled out the book

which I get to keep, and then the yarn,

which I also get to keep-- well what's left after I knit the hat.   The lighter blue is for the hat.  This is the pattern she wants knit up.

The darker blue is a thank you gift.  I'd asked for Dallas Cowboys colors, and despite being a Steelers fan herself, Kristine was only too happy to oblige.  Since she didn't have any silver --or in the case of Cascade 220 Superwash-- gray, she threw these two in as well.

The blue on the right is Sock-A-Licious Kollage, but I don't see a colorway name or number on it.  It's a wool/silk/nylon blend.  The green on the right (and no, that photo is not the true green of it) is Bristol Yarn Gallery Ashton Alpaca/wool/silk blend, color 5743.  This one is a DK weight, which is new to me.  These are great, since I've never used either of them. 

Finally, at the bottom of the stack, I found the letter Kristine wrote.  I was trucking along, when this sentence jumped out at me:

Anyway, Flozell Adams was at my husband's store.  He wouldn't sign any pictures, but I did get him to at least sign a piece of paper for you.  I wanted him to write, "Dear Becky, I miss you." But he wouldn't, because he's a Steeler now.  

Immediately, I snatched up the nondescript piece of paper I'd tossed so carelessly aside, squealed and started doing a jig in my kitchen.

Flozell Adams!  He'd always been one of my favorite Cowboys, and I was positively sick when they cut him.  I was one of his staunchest defenders, and was ready to knock the stuffin' out of all those people who kept calling him dumb.  I'm glad he's making a new life for himself, even if it has to be up there in Steeler Country.  In fact, I've been known to watch a few Steeler games this season just to watch him play.  But let's just keep that between us, OK?

And the now treasured scrap of paper resides in a place of honor, just behind my Farewell Tile made from one of the lockers of Texas Stadium, next to my DeMarcus Ware action figure, and my Staubach:  First Down, Lifetime to Go autobiography, and not too far from my Dez Bryant rookie card.

 I might even sleep with it tonight.

Beating Heart


Christi said...

Oh my gosh!!!! How awesome is that???? I'm grinning from ear to ear for you!

Dale said...

Wow what an excellent friend!! I too hated to see them cut Flozzel and we are paying for it now! I wish he would come back!

Glad you're feeling better; maybe a Cowboy's win could help kick it the rest of the way out the door!!


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