Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Texas Stadium

may be gone, now, but a part of it will live on. Back when they first moved out, almost everything in it was auctioned off. Unfortunately, most of it was wayyyy out of my budget, but I was able to pick up these two pieces.

This first one is a tile made from one of the lockers in the stadium. Of course, there's no way of knowing which locker it came from, but I can always think, maybe Roger Staubach used this locker, or Bob Lilly, or Drew Pearson, or Troy, or Marion, or Jason.  Who knows? 

This second treasure is a bit of the concrete from the stadium itself. 

Yeah, I know.  But Texas Stadium has been a part of my life--even if by long distance--for the nearly 40 years.  I was there for the first season, and I was there for the last.  I remember when my dad told me it was being built (I was 6), and I watched it come down Sunday morning.

Now, a little piece of it sits on the top of my computer desk, with the rest of my Cowboys memorabilia.  And it will always be a part of me.


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