Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Presents, Already!

People at work are already asking me if I'm going to be making cookies this year, so, I went to the store this afternoon to buy stuff I would need to make them. That wasn't too hard, because I already had most of what I needed at home. I did have to buy butter and real vanilla extract. I had other things I wanted to get, too, but I walked right out without my list, so I got home to discover that I'd forgotten several things. Nothing related to cookie baking, though, so that is all set for tomorrow.

During the Army/Navy game.

Go Navy.

Anyway, I got home to find that Santa had visited my house a bit early! Oh, boy! Presents!

All right, most of them I'd ordered myself, but still...

And in the first box, we have our 2011 Team Wall Calendar

And the 2010 Season Blue Book. I don't normally buy the Blue Book, but this is the 50th Anniversary edition, so it's special.

Also in the box were Christmas Ornaments!

They already hold their places of honor on the tree.

This is the 2010 glass ball.

I think I'm going to start collecting the glass balls.  One day, I hope to have enough to do an entire tree in Dallas Cowboys stuff. That would be so cool, wouldn't it?

Yeah, you know it.

The next box was some stuff I'd ordered from Knit Picks. My friend Tabitha so graciously gave me her Arwen Wrap pattern to knit as Christmas gifts. I won't get them done this year, but I suspect every female in the family will have one next Christmas. And in order to knit said wraps, I needed some yarn. This is Knit Picks Swish DK weight in Hollyberry.

And I ordered some new needles. You can never have too many needles. Especially Harmony needles--in any way, shape, or form.

At this point, I became a bit confused, as there was still one box left over. I'd already opened everything I'd ordered, so what could be in this last box? It was clearly addressed to me, though. Opening it, I found this

A Knit Picks Chart Keeper.  It's like those magnet boards I use, but

the nifty thing about this one is that you can close it and snap it. 

It adds an extra layer of security against the fingers of small children (of which I no longer have) and curious cats (which I have in abundance.)  (OK, I only have one cat, but sometimes she gets into enough trouble that I think I have 20.)

I was still confused.  I'd wanted one, but I hadn't ordered it.  I wondered for a moment if it were some sort of special promotion.  You know, buy way more stuff than you can afford and get a free chart keeper...then I picked up the invoice.

Kristen!  You are so sweet!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Not so much for the chart keeper, though I love it, but for remembering that I'd said I wanted one.  I love you, knitting sister!


Kristen said...

How did you figure out it was me??? They wouldn't include a "From Santa" note, so the best I could do was no invoice included. I knew you wanted one. I hope you like it!!!!

It shipped last Saturday and I have been wondering what was taking it so long!!!

Becky said...

Knitpicks must have goofed, then, because there was an invoice in the box. It had your name on it, so that's how I figured it out.

I do like it! I love it, thank you so much.


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