Saturday, December 25, 2010

I'm Dreaming Of

Rylea let me sleep until 6:30 this morning. I guess that was my Christmas gift from her. When I got up to let her out, I saw this on the back steps.

And I looked up and the sky looked like this.

And when Rylea came back inside, she had this on her head.

Then the sun came up and I saw that the yard looked like this.

Now, I know some of you may laugh at my paltry little snowfall, but I've waited 46 years for this.  Forty six years I've waited to have a White Christmas, and I finally got one.  Suddenly, the Christmas I had wished I could just sleep through became the best Christmas ever.

I must confess, I cried like a baby when I saw the snow falling. 

After breakfast,

I went outside and took a few photos, because the snow was rapidly melting and I knew it wouldn't last much longer. 

Though the temperature was already above freezing, I was able to capture a few images of this wonderful morning, before it melted completely away.

Though, in hindsight, I think I might have been better off if I'd put on pants for this venture.

Don't get excited.  I wasn't naked.  I had my Snoopy pajamas on.  They just weren't very warm.

Afterwards, I did something that many of you may consider to be a very foolish thing.

As long as I had waited for this snow, I wasn't going to let it melt completely away.  The snow outside was gone by 8:30, but there is a little baggie of my first White Christmas Ever tucked safely into my freezer. 

Later, as I warmed up with a mug of peppermint hot chocolate, I thought about what Christmas really means. 

There were no presents to open.  No family or friends gathered round me, but this was the most wonderful Christmas I can remember.  I had received two very special gifts.  One lay sleeping in a manger so very long ago.  The other was falling from the sky this morning.  Both God's way of showing me how very much he loves me.  And I was filled with Joy.  Joy to the world.

Let Heaven and Nature sing!


Kristen said...

That's so beautiful!!! I've kept some snow, too... So glad you had a wonderful Christmas. I was with Chris and it was pretty quiet, and I was able to reflect on the birth of Jesus. And my gift was my mom being home and recovering, and Belinda's husband being home and recovering. And all the yarn I bought leading up to Christmas!!!

Becky said...

Thanks, Kristen. I've got gifts coming, they just haven't gotten here yet. My sister already told me hers would be late, and my cousin's will be late, too. She said she'd ordered me something and had paid extra to make sure it got here before Christmas, but it wasn't. She wasn't happy. It's ok with me, though. It just means I still have stuff to look forward to!

Sus said...

Yay for a white Christmas! I love that you put some in the freezer. Very cute!

Becky said...

Thanks, Sus!

ittap65 said...

"God's way of showing me how very much he loves me"

That WAS your gift, Becky. Actually all of ours. Glad you had a good holiday anyway.

Becky said...

Thanks Patti, and thank you for the calendar.


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