Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just A Thought

I just started watching Jon & Kate Plus 8 via Netflix streaming.

I know the show has been on for a while, and I did know a little bit about it, I just hadn't actually seen it before.  By the end of the very first episode, I understood why they got divorced. 

He can't do anything good enough for her.  She nags him terribly.  She treats him like she thinks he's stupid.  In short, she treats him like he's one of the children. 

No man wants to be treated like a child.

I mean, I was sick of hearing it, I can only imagine what that poor man had to go through living with it.  If I heard her snap "WAKE UP!" at him one more time, I wanted to crawl inside the TV and slap her down myself.  I've heard that she doesn't get any better.

It'd be interesting to see the kids grow and stuff, but I don't know if I can put up with the mom for 5 seasons.  Frankly, I'm not surprised they got divorced.

I'm surprised they stayed together as long as they did.

What's sad to me is that I know far too many women in real life that treat their husbands the exact same way.   I have to wonder why.  At one time, we respected the men in our lives.  What happened?

I've got a pretty good idea.  I suspect it's this feminist movement.  More accurately, the feminazis.  It would seem, if you listen to the feminists, that for the only way for us to feel better about ourselves as women, is to engage in extensive man bashing. 

We can no longer accept --and certainly not be happy-- in the role God created us to have.  As a result, we no longer feel good about ourselves as women.  So, we turn around and tear down the men around us.

We don't feel smart?  We call our men idiots.

We don't feel attractive or desirable?  We accuse our men of being lecherous pigs.

We don't feel capable?  We treat our men like they're incompetent nincompoops.

This is so wrong.  The feminist movement has turned us into a gender of bullies.  We don't need to be tearing them down.  We need to be building them up.  And when we build them up, then they will have the strength to lift us up as well. 

We all win that way.

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