Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here We Are!

The Three Musketeers!

Or the Three Stooges, take your pick.  That's Amy, Kat, and me at Hank of Yarn in Southaven.

My first stop, as always, was at Wal-mart.  The one here has stopped carrying the conditioner and gel I use for my hair, so every time I go up there, I pick up a few bottles.  I won't show you photos of my hair products, but while I was in the store, I did pick up these on clearance.

The trick will be to actually remember to wear them next year.  I was going to let Charlotte model them for you, but alas, she has no ears and I didn't feel quite right about just stabbing them into the side of her head.  So, sorry, but you just have to live without that image.

Then it was on to Hank's.  Kat was there first, and when I got there, we talked, and we visited, and we petted yarns.  Then Amy got there, and we knit, and we talked, and we visited, and we petted more yarns.  And we laughed and we felt like we'd known each other forever.

Before we knew it, my stomach was growling, and Kat was saying, "I'm getting kind of hungry" and it was 1:30 and time to go.  And we hugged, and we clung to each other, and many bitter tears were shed at our parting...OK, just kidding on that last bit.

And we told each other to be safe driving home, and Hank asked, "Where are y'all from, except Arkansas and LSU?"  And we said, "That's pretty much it."  And Kat bought yarn to make a Woo pig hat, and Amy and I didn't say anything...

Yeah, they won.  There wasn't much we could say.

All too soon, the day was over, and we were headed home--except for me.  I was looking for work shoes.  I didn't find any.  I take that back.  I found a pair of Timberlake boots that I really liked, but I wasn't going to pay $100 for shoes that would end up getting ruined in a factory.

On a tip from Amy, I stopped by Lowe's in Batesville on the way home and bought these. 

These were the last two that they had left, and I'm glad I decided to stop. My first thought was that I would come back another day, because I was tired and just wanted to go home.  If I'd done that, I might have missed out.

I also stopped by Joann's and picked up some more yarn for the blankie.

And some cotton for washcloths.  Mine are getting pretty bedraggled, but hey, they're all 5 years old-- minimum.  It's time for some new ones.

Oh, and I got these at Hank's.  Three balls of Regia "fading" color.  They are for the blankie also. 

Amy picked up one of these balls, and pointed to where it says 4-fadig color (which is something in German that I don't know what it means) and said, "I saw that and thought it said 'fading' color."  Just as I took a big swallow of my Dr. Pepper.  Which is how the Buffalo yarn almost got it's bath.  Glad I was able to catch that.  That buffalo yarn is ex-pen-sive!

Hank had some of these square needles in the shop.  I'd heard a lot about them, and wanted to try them.  Kat said she really liked hers, so I bought a set. 

You know what that means?  Empty sock needles need socks. 

I also bought this.

Every cent of profit from these kits goes towards ovarian cancer research.  Hank even donates her cut, so it all goes towards finding a cure.  My pastor's wife died of this two years ago, and when I saw this kit, it seemed like just a little something I can do to help.  I will not be making the hideous sock pattern that is included.  The little symbol for Venus would be eh, but ultimately ok.  The design of the ovaries and uterus is pushing it a bit, but the design of the woman with her legs splayed while a gynecologist digs around in her stuff is just over the top. 

I won't be knitting that.  I was thinking of maybe finding a simple scarf pattern --maybe a moss stitch-- and giving it to Brother Bob.  I think that would mean more to him than a pair of ugly socks.

When I got back home, I found more surprises waiting for me.  The rest of my Christmas presents are here!  A Miles Austin jersey, though if he doesn't learn to hang on to those passes, this might get returned. 

And a cute little 50th Anniversary bear.

Remember how I recently said I needed to start wearing more jewelry? 

Yeah, that ought to do the trick.

Don't you think? 



Robin said...

Put simply....LOVE IT!!!

Becky said...

Thanks Robin!

Sus said...

I'm so glad you had a nice time knitting with friends! I hope you get to do that more often.

Nice haul, too! :D

Becky said...

We had great time. I wish I had knitting friends who lived closer so I could do it more often. Perils of small town residency, I suppose.


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