Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Cookies

Yeah, I know I said I was through, but things change.

I took the cookies I'd made over the weekend in to work today, and they were a big hit. I got fussed at, because I'd taken this batch over to line 1, where I used to work. Line 2 told me that I was over there now, and wasn't to be bringing cookies to line 1 any more.

I still have friends on line 1, though, and didn't want them to feel that I'd forgotten about them. So tomorrow, I have to bring another batch of cookies to line 2. Fortunately, I have plenty.

But then Rod-- a different Rod, not to be confused with my former group leader Rod-- asked me if I thought chocolate chips and marshmallows would go well together in a cookie. Blatantly ignoring the double entendre he seemed to be making as he held his very black arm next to my *heavy sigh* blindingly white one (gotta love Scandinavian ancestors), I rushed home, got online, and found a chocolate chip and marshmallow cookie recipe.

The only problem is, once the chocolate got ahold of the marshmallows, they completely melted, something I'm sure Rod -- not to be confused with my former group leader Rod-- will find endlessly amusing.

Oh, the joys of the Christmas season.

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