Sunday, December 12, 2010

And The Hat Is Done!

I'll try to get it blocked tomorrow, though I'm not sure what I have that I can block it over.  I really wish I had a styrofoam wig head.  Gotta find out where to get one.   I hope blocking it makes the bobbles pop a little more.  Right now, they're kind of fading into the background. 

The plan was to get up and go shopping in Southaven tomorrow, but the high tomorrow is predicted to be 32'.  I think I'll just stay home and bake cookies, drink hot chocolate, watch Christmas movies, and knit.

That sounds like a much better plan.


Dale said...

You need to order another True Blue patch and sew it on to your new hat!

Becky said...

Good idea, Dale. That hat isn't for me, though. It's for my friend who is opening up a yarn shop and wanted some samples knit up. I still have some of my Cowboy Way yarn, though. I may just knit another hat to put a True Blue patch on. Or a 50th Anniversary patch.


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