Sunday, December 26, 2010

What's This?

Could it be? Is it possible? Has there been a blankie sighting?

Yep, there was a brief sighting of the increasingly more elusive Friendship Blankie, as I got 4 new squares knit into it this weekend.

Try not to notice that there has apparently not been a vacuum cleaner sighting in far too long.

Change the subject...I'm making good progress on the test knit.  Almost through chart A.  

I'm really enjoying this pattern. It was a perfect day to stay in and knit, too. I woke up this morning to another light dusting of snow, and more light flurries throughout the day.

Now that Christmas is over, and gifts have been delivered, I can finally show you my new shirt.

I've been sitting on this one for a month, now, because I'd also gotten James and Cody each one for Christmas. 

Well, tonight's Eagles/Vikings game has been postponed due to blizzard conditions. The Giants and the Jets are both stuck away from home due to um...blizzard conditions. This is the second week in a row that the Giants have been trapped by snow, what with the Metrodome collapsing and all.

I blame global warming.

And since George W. Bush is personally responsible for global warming, I blame Bush.

Apparently, it's the in thing to do.



Dale said...

"And since George W. Bush is personally responsible for global warming, I blame Bush." I love it and we must not forget Hurricane Katrina that he caused to hit New Orleans, and forced the residents to stay there and ride out the storm.

Becky said...

You're exactly right, Dale. Global Warming, Katrina, 9/11, it's all his fault.


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