Wednesday, December 02, 2015


Yesterday I was totally discombobulated.  I was so discombobulated that I went to work without turning off the lights in my house.  I had a difficult day at work, so by the time I got home, everything I had planned for the evening just went out the window.  I had actually intended to write a real post, but in the end, all I did was dump a song on you and leave.

 I'm very sorry about that.   

Anyway, I'd planned on doing a 25 Songs Of Christmas thing -- posting one of my favorite Christmas songs every day between December 1 and Christmas day.  I was going to try to come up with some sort of little devotional thought to go with each song.  Obviously, that didn't happen yesterday.

It's not looking good for today, either.  However, here is today's song. 

I hope you enjoy it.  I'll try to do better tomorrow.

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