Thursday, December 03, 2015

Early Day

So there I was at work, just a working away, when right after lunch I heard a commotion in the plant.  I didn't pay it much mind.  There's always some sort of commotion or other going on there.  I kept on working, but soon, the commotion became too commotional to ignore any more.  I quickly found out what was going on. 

They were passing out the paychecks.  They were sending us home.  I never found out why, but I didn't argue, either.    I lit out for home.  When I got there, I found a pleasant surprise waiting for me. 

My new Christmas ornaments are here!  A new one for this year, and one to replace the one I broke last week when putting up the tree.  You will notice that the box says Shatter-Proof.  Yeah, I need that.

 Somehow, this ended up in my shopping cart, too.  

It's to replace the one I broke last year -- over which I am still grieving.  Too bad it's not shatter proof, too.

Since I got an unexpected half day off of work, I decided to go ahead and do my shopping today, so I won't have to get out at all tomorrow if I don't want to.  I didn't really need much, but I got a few supplies to start my holiday baking, and I got a goodly sized chunk of my Christmas shopping done.  All the Alaska folks' gifts have been bought, and I might actually get it mailed early enough that it gets there by Christmas. 

I'm going to use those mini loaf pans I bought and make some banana bread and such to send with their gifts.  That's the project for the weekend -- making mini breads. 

Naturally, while I am baking, I'll be rocking the Christmas music on Pandora.  Or YouTube -- whichever.  Which segues nicely into our Christmas song for today:

The bad news is, the cat has found the tree skirt.  It's now safely tucked into the washing machine, to be washed first thing in the morning. pee on the tree skirt, and bits of garland puked up onto the floor.  I'm so glad I have vinyl flooring now. 

So glad.  

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