Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Moving Day Pt 2

Tomorrow is the day Beverly and James have to be out of their house, so today they brought over the rest of Cody's furniture.  Which consisted of his bed

and his computer desk. 

Since I am determined that his room won't become another storage room, I also cleaned out the bottom of his closet. 

I'm going to get some kind of closet organizer to put in there.  Then I'll put everything back into it.

Right now, all the stuff that was in there is divided between my bedroom floor and the computer/snake room.  In said stuff was all the Christmas food containers that I'd been hunting for.  I knew they were somewhere.  I just didn't know where. 

After James and Cody left to finish moving them out of their house, I went back to the store and bought some plastic storage bins.  Between the junk that was in my old trailer house, and the junk that was in Beverly and James' attic, I've got a lot to sort through.  That'll be a good project for sitting in front of the TV on these chilly winter evenings. 

Finally, my Peace Lily definitely looks like it's perking up. 

I hope it makes it. 

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