Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Eve Eve

When we were kids, my brother and I used to call December 23 Christmas Eve Eve.  We thought we were the only ones.  Thanks to the magic that is social media, I now know that we were not.

Anyway, my other brother sent me a copy of the cartoon version of A Christmas Carol that we used to watch as a kid.  I remembered an even older version, that scared the crap out of me when I was little.   I used to have it on VHS, but hadn't been able to watch it since my VCR went to that great Best Buy In The Sky a few years ago.

Yes, it took me this long to think, "Say, why don't you check YouTube."  So, I checked YouTube and there it was:

My dad used to make us watch this every year with all the lights off except for the Christmas Tree lights. I always hid my eyes when Marley's Ghost came on.  He was terrifying to me. 

Well, it's not Christmas yet, but I've already got some gifts from my new neighbors.  The lady next door gave me this wreath for my front door.

She said it was just sitting there in her closet, because she likes making them, but runs out of places to hang them.  So, she gave this one to me.  Mr. Clark across the street brought me some cookies, so I gave him a loaf of snickerdoodle bread. 

James called me this afternoon and said, "We found some more of your stuff over here", so I went over to get it.  It was just a couple of boxes, but while I was over there, he said, "Do you want a ceramic Christmas tree?"

Yeah!  I've been wanting one of those for a long time.  Aunt Martha used to make them, and she'd always said we'd make one together.  We never got around to it.  This is one she made a long, long time ago.  It had a few of the little light bulbs, but I was able to find some more on Amazon.  I'll need to replace the cord, too.  I think the switch is messed up.  Also, the snow stuff is starting to flake off, so that'll be something else I'll need to repair.  It won't be this year, but it'll be something to look forward to. 

Back when I was married, I was starting to collect these Christmas village pieces from a craft catalog.  You could buy the kits and paint them.  I was going to get the whole set and  that would be my mantle decorations.  This is the only piece I actually finished.

Shortly after that, the catalog stopped carrying them, so I gave up halfway through painting the second piece.  I guess I thought what was the point, if I can't get the whole village.   

Yesterday, I was out in the shed hunting for the approximately 25 Christmas food containers that I have somewhere ( which I never did find) and found the barn.  It is now happily ensconced on my new entertainment center.  The barn was always my favorite piece anyway.

It's been a busy day all around.  First thing this morning, I started rearranging the furniture in what will be Cody's room so that we can get his bed and computer desk in there.  Then I made two types of candy and a fruit salad.  Tomorrow is going to be busy, too.  I've got cookies to bake and candy to cut up.  I'd better get off here and head for bed. 

I'll just leave you with this, my Dad's favorite Christmas carol.

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