Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

When I was a child, it was a tradition for the extended family on my dad's side to get together on Christmas Eve at my Mammaw's house.  There'd be food, fun, family, and presents.  We'd eat, and laugh, and see cousins we only saw once or twice a year.  Afterwards, we'd go home and my grandparents on my mother's side would come over and we'd open our family gifts.  Then Santa would come!

The year my youngest sibling had grown too old for Santa, my mother called us all into the living room.  She asked us if we wanted our presents wrapped, or laid out under the tree the way Santa would put them if he still came to our house.  The vote was 3-1 in favor of having them all wrapped.  I'll just let you guess who the 1 dissenting vote was.

Hint:  me.

Time passed, as it must, and we all grew up and went our separate ways.  Things changed, but those of us who were still close enough to get together on Christmas Eve kept the family tradition.  Even this year, when it would just be the four of us.

We were just going to eat snacks and watch movies tonight, then open presents tomorrow, so I didn't even bring my gifts.  When I got there, though, Cody worried us about opening presents so much that I gave him my house keys and said, "Go get them." 

And we opened presents. 

Beverly got some drinking glasses from The Pioneer Woman's new housewares collection.  I took a picture, but she was holding the glass right in front of her face.  It'll be in my FB album later.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked James what he wanted for Christmas.  He said, "A chance to go hunting."  Well, I couldn't give him that, but I did give him some wool hunting socks.  And as a gag, I found a tree ornament that looked like deer antlers.  I'll try to get a better picture of them tomorrow.  James had to go to work, for his last full 12 hour night shift before he retires, so we wanted to finish with presents before he had to leave. 

This is what my son got me.  He picked it out himself.  A 65 piece ratcheting screwdriver set. 

Kinda makes me want to go tear something up just so I can fix it.  Beverly and James gave me some money.  She and I had talked about it the other day.  Normally, I'd rather get a gift, but due to the circumstances this year, I said money would be fine.  They have to be out of the house in 5 days, so shopping isn't a priority right now.

I got Cody some things for his new apartment that he will get next year when he moves to New Orleans.

I got him more than dish towels, but somehow I managed to talk him into saving a few presents to open tomorrow.  Then I'll get a picture of all his loot.  Beverly and James got him this watch that he wanted. 

Puddy Cat got a box. 

Or else she's saying she's the present...I'm not sure.

Well, this post started with memories of my Mammaw's house at Christmas, so it's only fitting that I close it with her favorite Christmas Carol.

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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cynia said...

So you've got Wigilia, too! :D


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