Friday, March 31, 2017

Long Hours

You know you work a lot of hours when you get your paycheck for the week you were sick, and you still have more than 50 hours on it.  Suffice to say, I work a lot --and I mean a lot --of hours.  The good thing is, this year, I won't have those major outlays like I did last year.  You know, paying off my son's college tuition.  Cutting down a huge old tree.  That sort of thing.  That means I can spend my money buying things I want.

I guess I went a little crazy at the store this evening.

First thing I bought was the last shower curtain masquerading as a closet door.  This one for Cody's room.  I only went over to that department to look for a curtain rod.  While I was there, i figured might as well check out the shower curtains, too.  I found this one that goes perfectly with what I'm trying to do in that room.

Now, I just need to find him some curtains -- actual window curtains for his actual windows-- and that room will be pretty much done, except for hanging things on his wall.  I'm thinking of making a run up to Batesville to Lowe's after work tomorrow, or maybe Sunday afternoon.  They're having a pretty good sale on garden stuff, and I can look at the curtains they have while I'm at it.  Maybe.  If I can get moving, that is.

Back when I was a kid, my Mammaw always bought us Peeps at Easter.  I never really liked them that much, but I always ate them anyway.  Because Mammaw bought them.  I've carried that tradition on into my adulthood.  Each year, I buy one package of Peeps and eat it, for my Mammaw.  Since I was in the store already, I headed towards the Easter candy aisle, and thought, "Might as well buy the Peeps and get that over with."  When I got there, I found this

 package of Peeps with a plush Peep toy. 

I picked it up and thought to myself, "If I buy this, I'll never have to eat another Peep again."  So, I bought it.  Now, every time I see that Peep, I will think of my Mammaw and how she always bought Peeps for us. 

And my final purchase of the day.

Which may override my desire to go to Batesville this weekend. 

Eh, Lowe's will still be there next week. 

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