Thursday, March 09, 2017

Change Of Plans

I hadn't planned on going to the store today.  I'd planned on coming home and piddling in my yard a bit, but about half an hour before the end of the shift, one of my coworkers asked me, "Why are we wearing purple tomorrow?"

"We're wearing purple tomorrow?" I replied, not knowing anything about being supposed to wear purple tomorrow. 

I turned to the coworker on the other side and asked, "Why are we wearing purple tomorrow?"  She said it was for domestic violence, and in memory of our coworker who was murdered by her boyfriend last week. 

I don't have a purple shirt any more, the last one meeting a tragic demise at the hands of some very sharp pieces of steel, so it was off to the store I went.  It would seem I was not the only one in this predicament, as half of my coworkers were also there buying purple attire.  I came home with this one.

There wasn't a whole lot of purple left.  That one is OK, but I'd wanted one a bit more vibrant.  I wandered over to the men's section to see if they had any purple shirts.  They didn't, but somehow, this baby managed to sneak home with me.

I keep saying my ultimate goal is to have all my shirts either Navy, American flag, or Dallas Cowboy themed.

Speaking of the Dallas Cowboys, it would seem that Tony Romo has been Wally Pipped.  There is nothing official on the website, but word around the league is that they are looking to trade him.   Dak is the starter now, and Romo is too good to be just a backup.  Except that he is about as fragile as a soap bubble.  Honestly, I can't recall in the last 10 years more than one or two seasons that he didn't miss a bunch of games due to injury.  Still, I wish him well, and I hope he lands with a good team.

Anyway, I finally made it home from the store to find a giant pile of dog doo in my kitchen floor.  It's kind of worrisome, since my dogs are normally very well behaved.   Every dog has accidents from time to time, but if it becomes a trend, usually it means they are sick.  I'll keep an eye on them, and hope this was just a freak thing.  Like I said, they are normally very well behaved, especially considering how long they have to hold it sometimes.

Last but not least, I finished the Jayne hat last night -- including weaving all the yarn ends in.  

I still have to find the pom pom I made for it.  I know it's somewhere in the computer/craft/snake room.  I'll just have to go all Indiana Jones in there to find it. 

If nobody hears from me within a week or so, send out a search party. 

I'm not kidding.

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