Friday, March 24, 2017

Short Post

This will be short, because I should have been in bed an hour ago.  But I'm not.  I'm sitting here writing this post...why do I do this to myself?

Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I can almost move again after my adventure with my chainsaw Tuesday.  My chainsaw, by the way, seems to have acquired the unfortunate name of Leatherface.   Don't ask.  I've never even seen the movie. But there you go. 

Be that as it may, all day Wednesday, I said to myself, "Self, when you get home from work, you are going to go out and cut a bit more wood."  But when I got home from work, my arms and my back said, "No, you aren't."  So, I didn't.

But Wednesday was too beautiful a day to stay inside, so I got out and cut my grass.  Rather, I mowed my weeds.  I don't have grass yet, just a yard full of weeds.

Now, remember, I'm doing this after getting up at 3:30 AM and working a 10 hour day at the factory.  Wait, make that an 11 hour day, because I stayed late to help out a fellow brazer who had gotten a bit behind.  By the time I was finished mowing, I was literally staggering with exhaustion trying to push my mower back to the shed, and wondering why, oh why do I do this to myself?.

Yesterday, I decided I wasn't doing any yard work.   None.  At all.  Sigh.  I did.  I stacked up the wood I'd cut Tuesday, but that was it. 

That brings us to today.  And I can almost move again.  It still hurts to move, but I can almost do it.  I'm getting too old for all this work nonsense. 

Speaking of work, I had a nice surprise waiting on me when I got home this afternoon.  One of my friends is knitting a sock yarn blanket similar to the ones I'm doing.  Last week, I balled up and sent her several mini skeins to add to her blanket.  Today, she returned the favor.

Looks like I'll be knitting blanket squares this weekend! 

And lastly,  I've completed my Gerbera Daisy collection, with the orange one. 

I need a pot for it, which means I'll probably have to head up to Batesville here in the next week or so, since it looks like our Wal-mart won't be carrying flower pots again this year.   Eh, I've been looking for an excuse to go to Lowe's anyway. 

Now, if only the pecan trees will start budding so I can start planting stuff! 

*That's a bit of old Texas folklore my dad taught me, and a schoolmate recently reminded me of.  Once the pecan trees start budding, there won't be any more frosts. As my dad said, the oak and the elm may be fooled, but you can't fool the pecan trees. 

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