Wednesday, March 01, 2017

And So It Was

Bright and early this morning, I walked into work.  I clocked in, set down my tool bag, and began going about my daily tasks of setting up the front of the line, in preparation for the work day.  As I was going about my business - and minding my own, I might add - Group Leader Theresa walked up and said, "I tried to call you last night, to tell you to come in at 5:00.  I thought I had your phone number, but I don't."

She'd asked me for it a couple of times before.  Well, not so much as asked, but she said, "Make sure you give me your phone number before you leave today."  I said OK, but then I didn't give it to her. Oh, I didn't forget.  I just didn't do it. 

This time, however, she pulled out her phone and insisted I give her my number right then and there.  What choice did I have?  Group Leader Theresa now has my phone number, and an admonition that just because she has it, doesn't mean she can call me willy nilly -- or that I'll even answer the phone at all.

And so it was that my group leader obtained my phone number, and also how I started going in to work at 5:00 AM. 

The good news is, we didn't get the bad weather we were expecting.  The worst of it passed to the north of us.  However, it's been so wet and chilly, I haven't been able plant the new daffodils I bought. 

So there they sit, with the rest of my potted plants.  

Waiting for spring, just like the rest of us. 

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