Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday, For Want Of A Better Title

I feel almost human again.  I feel better today than I have in a week.  I'd stopped to chat with my coworker Edna on the way out of the plant, when Coworker Johnny stopped and said, "You got a runny nose?" indicating my box of tissues.  Edna told him I'd been sick.  Johnny said he'd been sick, too, and from what he described, he had the same thing I did.  I guess it's going around. 

Since I'm feeling better, it looks like no one is going to get my stash any time soon.  Edna told me she started to comment on all that, but she didn't want my friends to think she was a nut.  I assured her, "Oh, no.  You'd fit right in with some of my friends!"  You ladies know who you are!  Hmmmm, maybe I should teach Edna to knit and she can come with us next time we get together.  Which needs to be soon, right?  Right????

But not too soon.  I'm still kind of sick.  But not really sick.  Just a little sick.  No need to go dividing up the stash just yet. 

Remember the car wreck I told you about yesterday?  I got a bit more info on it.  The guy who was right behind the kid who got hit told a friend of mine, and she told me. 

The kid who got hit -- hereafter known as The Kid-- was driving a white car.  He was in the right lane, and there was a somewhat sizeable pickup truck in the left lane blocking his view of traffic.  Now, most people, when they can't see the road, or what may be coming down it, would stop or at least slow down until they were sure the way was clear.  Not The Kid.  The guy behind him said he never even slowed down.  He just pulled on out, right in front of the dump truck.  Which hit him.  Because at that point, it pretty much had no choice.

When the police got there, The Kid was just standing there, flipping his keys around his finger.  Now, most people, when they commit a traffic violation and have to deal with the police, the first thing they do is get out their driver's license.  Not The Kid.  He just stood there, flipping his keys around his finger. 

The police officer asked him, "Do you have a driver's license?"  The Kid shook his head no.

The police officer asked him, "Do you have proof of insurance?"  The Kid shook his head no.

The police officer then asked him, "Son, do you have any form of identification?"  The Kid brightened up, nodded, and pulled out his EMI badge.  (EMI is the temporary staffing agency the plant uses during the busy season.). 

Well, all righty, then...I'm imagining he got quite a lot of citations for that little stunt.

The funny thing is, I was walking across the parking lot to my car after work today, when I saw another wreck.  Two in two days.  This one wasn't bad, though.  I couple of ladies bumped bumpers as they were backing out of their spots.  It didn't leave any damage on either car.  One lady said, "I'm good with it if you are."  And the other lady said, "I'm good with it if you are".   So I said, "You've got three witnesses who heard you both say you're good with it, so we're all good.  Let's go home."  And that's what we all did.  

That's something else they need to change.  About 8 or so years ago, they changed the rules and required us to park nose in.  They said it was too dangerous to park nose out, but the truth is, I've seen -- and had -- way more near misses since we've had to start backing out.  Another reason I hang around until the parking lot clears out. 

Yesterday, right before bed, I was thinking about my flower beds, and how it's getting to be time to start working on them, and planning what to plant and all.  I picked up this bag of bulbs to think about what I wanted to do with them, and noticed that they're growing already!

In the bag, on my shelf.  They're putting out shoots.  Seriously. 

Looks like I'm going to have to do some planting this weekend after all. 

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