Wednesday, March 08, 2017

A Day Without

Apparently, today was another one of those worldwide protest thingies that have been happening a lot lately.  This one was called A Day Without Women. 

I chose to participate.

I got up bright and early and told my dogs they would have to spend this day without me.  I was going to get up and go to work, because I'm an adult, and that's what adults do. 

Jesse was not pleased by this.

"You gon' spend the day wifout me?" he said. 

That was almost enough to change my mind, but alas, I have bills to pay and dogs that need to be fed. so I took my woman self to work.  It wasn't long before I began to regret that decision.  The purpose of this women's strike was to show the world how important women are -- as if the world didn't already know that.  My work decided that today was going to be the day to show me that the plant can't seem to get along without me, and they did so by calling my name a bazillion times. 

Instead of A Day Without Women, my day should have been called A Day My Coworkers Couldn't Scratch Their Own Bums Without Calling Becky's Name.   Every. Time. I. Turned. Around. Someone else was calling my name.  Seriously.  Every five minutes.  Asking me about this.  Asking me about that.  Wanting me to do this.  Wanting me to figure out that.  Wanting me, calling me, worrying me to death. 

Nag, nag, nag, all. day. long.  And most of what they were asking me about didn't even have anything to do with my job, which is brazing.  Seriously, why are you asking me about a delta plate?  I don't have anything to do with those, so why would you think I would know?  But ask they did. 

In fact, work was so mayhemic that at one point, that I checked my calendar to make sure it wasn't really Thor's Day. know the drill.  Unless you aren't up on your Norse mythology.  Then you don't know the drill.  Someday, I'll explain it.  But not today.  Which is Woden's Day.  Not Thor's Day. 

Be that as it may, the mayhem finally stopped when the shift ended.  Then I came home and ate half a bag of chocolate chips.

Now, that's what I call a woman's day celebration.  


Connie said...

The best part? The chocolate.

Amnicon Studio said...

Puppy looks so sad to have spent the day without you.


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