Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not Quite Uggs

I was looking for something in my closet, and stumbled across these old boots I'd bought some 25 years ago.

Lovely, aren't they? I know they're not quite Uggs, but maybe they could be fashionable.  Ya think?

No comments about my knees, please.

I had a friend in the Navy who was a full blooded Seminole.  He was going to make me an authentic pair of moccasins.  I even gave him a tracing of my foot, but alas, I transferred before he made them, so I never got my moccasins.  I don't even know what his name was.  Everybody just called him Chief.

Um, that was his rank, folks.  He was an E-7, which is a Chief.  I don't remember what his rate was, though. 

Anyway, I've made it to the heel flap of my Monkey socks.

People tell me I'm a fast knitter.  Well, it helps not to have a, you know, life or anything. 

Speaking of, since I sent my sister the Vernal Equinox shawl for Christmas, I've been wanting to knit myself a spring/summer shawl.  I can't decide if I want to do another Vernal Equinox, a Garden Party, or Mystic Waters, or do something new.  Eh, I've got time to decide. 

I've still got this hat in the works. 

There is no hurry on this.  It's the one I'm keeping beside my computer.  I knit on it while I'm waiting for stuff to load.  I don't know what'll happen to this hat.  It may go to Alaska, or to my bald headed older brother, or to another soldier/sailor project. I'll figure out something to do with it. 

Well, this time change is going to really mess me up in the morning, so I'm headed on to bed.  Goodnight.    

OK, I only said that because I couldn't think of an elegant or witty way to end this post.  So, I'm just going to end it. 

Goodbye for now.

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