Sunday, March 20, 2011

Socks, Snakes, Shawls, and Success!

Let's start with the Success story. My friend Dee successfully completed her first ever marathon. Yep, it poured rain the whole way, but she persevered. She did it. I am so proud of her!

Now, on to the second success. Slider ate his rat today!

Now, the colubrids are good eaters, but those balls-- I never know if they are going to eat or not. But Slider ate today, and Monty ate two weeks ago. I'm so happy!

Progress is being made on the sock, too. I've gotten past the gusset decreases and am about halfway down the foot.

I've also discovered that I'm not very good at being a monogamous knitter.  So, even though I'm doing well on the sock, I cast on another project.  It's not much to look at right now

but this is the Arwen wrap designed by my friend Tabitha. Sorry, I can't provide you with a link.  She has all her stuff on that knitting site that I was so unceremoniously booted from two years ago.  Something I still have not received an explanation for, by the way.  Oh, and yes, this is a wrap, and not a shawl, but I wanted to preserve my alliteration. 

Because I'm geeky like that. 


Sus said...

Monogamous knitting? Pshaw! One of life's great pleasures is the acceptability of handwork promiscuity! You go, girl! ;)

Becky said...

Oh, definitely! I've never been able to stick with just one project at a time! I usually have at least 5 OTN.


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