Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Cody has a band concert tomorrow night. They are required to wear Sunday dress, which in my church is pretty casual. I decided he needed something a little more dressy than jeans, so we headed in to Wal-mart this afternoon. The intention was to buy some khaki pants and maybe a button down shirt. Cody, however, spotted the suits.

He wanted one. He really wanted one. And after being the one fussing a few months back that nobody dresses up any more, how could I refuse? We bought the whole she-bang--jacket, pants, tie, even socks and shoes. He had to go get J to teach him to tie the tie, but he caught on pretty quickly. And the shirt is a smidge too big, but it was the smallest men's size they had. He's long outgrown boy's sizes.

But doesn't he look good?
You know what he said when he got home? "If I had a cane and some Nike Shox, I could do House imitations."


Sus said...

Dang! He's looking quite dapper, indeed! Very nice.

Prabbler1 said...

Cody: Very nice suit, young man! Good for you!

Becky: I'm Elinor Dashwood too, whomever she is (haven't read the book either); several of the answers could have applied to me though. And I'm 71% Yankee...that's what 11 yrs in the Midwest will do for y'all.

Bag Blog said...

Cody is quite handsome in his new suit. Toby bought a new suit last week. I doubt I can get a picture of him in it any time soon. But, yes, men in suits make the heart go pitter-pat.

Buck Pennington said...

Ah. The "first suit" used to be quite the occasion for men/boys, back in the day. An important rite-of-passage, in other words.

Good for Cody!


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