Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Slow Day

It's kind of a slow news day around here, so y'all head on over to Cody's blog and read his newest post:

In Gethsemane

Otherwise, you'll just have to look at the pasta I cooked in my new Kitchen Kettle. 

Don't envy me my exciting life. 

Yesterday, Group Leader Fernando sent me down to the end of the line to help out.  He wanted me to put some screws in the very top of some very tall units.

"Um, you do realize I'm short, don't you?" says I.

"Don't worry," he says.  "Roy will help you out."

"What's Roy going to do?" I asked.  "Pick me up?"

In the end, Roy had to put the screws in, because even after Fernando got me the step, I still couldn't reach the screw holes. 

"I'll do it," says Roy, "because you're short and I'm tall." 

Well, I guess it was one of those You-Kinda-Had-To-Be-There moments. 

But I thought it was funny.

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