Tuesday, July 08, 2014

A Scarf And A Sock

I hate to break it to you, but this is another one of those days when there just isn't that much to say.  Unless you want to hear about my bi-annual trip to the eye doctor, that is.  Suffice to say, my eyes are healthy, though very nearsighted, and I'm getting new glasses. 

You know, I hate the new glasses styles almost as much as I hate the new clothing styles.  I guess it's not so much the styles as it is the teensy little lenses you have to peer through.  I picked out the largest frames I could find, and they still seem too small to me.  Well, they'll be here in about a week, so you'll see them then.

In the meantime, scarf #2 is finished.  This time, I clamped the warping peg to my end table and the loom to my kitchen table. 

As you can see, it made for quite a long warp, and in turn, quite a long scarf. 

The warp is Red Heart SuperSaver in Buff, and the weft is Red Heart SuperSaver Camo in Mirage.    I have enough left of each to do at least one more scarf.  Next one won't be quite as long, though. 

I still have some tension issues, but they are getting better.  The end on the left is the beginning, and the end on the right is the end.

A few more scarves and I ought to have that worked out.  I hope. 

I also cast on a new sock. 

It's going to be a plain vanilla sock, and I have no idea what yarn this is.  It's been marinating in my stash for many and many a year, and the ball band has been lost for many and many a year.  I do know it's a cotton blend.  Other than that, your guess is as good as mine. 

The bad news is, no more overtime.  I'm going to miss the extra money, but I'm looking forward to getting up at a reasonable hour.  If you consider 5:00 AM reasonable.  Hey, it's more reasonable than 4:00 AM. 

I was in the store the other day, and I bought this Coke because it had my name on it.  I got halfway home before I remembered that I don't even like Coke.

Well played, Coke.  Well played. 

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