Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Bluebonnets And 'Merica

My little bluebonnet is in full bloom.

I want to print this photo out and hang it on my wall. 

Speaking of printing, I priced wireless printers the other day.  You can get a decent one for around $60-70.  I have a printer, but I have to use Cody's antique, cranky computer to print things out.  If I could find my software, I could install it on my new laptop, but I'd still have to move the cable every time I wanted to print something.  With a wireless, I wouldn't have to worry about that. 

Eh, I'm still debating. 

See what I did there?  I said "Eh".  A nod to our neighbors to the North.  Happy Canada Day!

And with that, here is your 'Merica moment for the day:

Our founding fathers believed in liberty that much.  If they saw what we'd let their country become, they'd be ashamed of us. 

In more mundane news, I think I've finally found a combination of supplements to replace the Estroven.  I've felt better and more positive today than I have since -- well, since they changed the formula.  I'm a bit bummed that I have to take six things now to replace the one single supplemnt, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. 

I'm still having hot flashes, but then again, that could be because it's been 90+ degrees outside.

And yet, I'm craving hot chocolate.

I think I need professional help.  

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