Monday, June 23, 2014

The Lake

James and I had planned on going fishing this afternoon, after I got home from work.  But alas, he met me at the door and said the trolling motor was broke.  So, no fishing.

But we did go out to the lake and just rode around a bit. 

It was a nice little ride, though we got rained on a bit.  He even let me drive the boat for a while. 

It had been way too long since I'd been out on the water.  We drove around for about an hour and a half, and though I was tired and ready to come home and lay down, I didn't want to leave.  I didn't want to get off the water.

All I could think about was I never should have gotten out of the Navy.

I really needed that trip, because, frankly, I'd gotten just way too excited about my new potato peeler. 

Don't envy me my exciting life.

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