Thursday, June 05, 2014

Same Song, I've Lost Track Of Which Verse

As is becoming typical of Thor's Day, total mayhem descended upon the plant today.  I'm not sure what it is, but Thor's Day invites mayhem proportions.  Today was no different.  Total.  Mayhem.

Thus, I'm exhausted.  Thus, today's post will be a bit brief, and probably a bit weird.

A few days ago, in our town's group on Facebook, someone posted asking if there were a knitting group in town.  There isn't.  There used to be, but they stopped meeting a long time ago.  Well, she suggested we start one, and last night was our first meeting.

It ended up being just the two of us, because the other lady that was going to meet with us got held up at work.  Be that as it may, we had a good time and I helped her start a blanket for her grandson. 

There were a couple of other people who expressed interest in learning to knit, but didn't show up.  Because I thought I'd be teaching some people to knit, I wanted to take something mindless that I could put down if they had questions.  Not having any really mindless projects OTN, I did what any good knitter would do.

I cast on yet another hat. 

I got this far last night, even while helping my friend with her blanket.  In the meantime, this hat is still sitting there, languishing, waiting for the crown decreases. 

In other news, my SAMe got here today.  Thing is, I can't order just one tiny bottle of vitamins, so I had to throw this movie in, too. 

I'd rented it over Memorial Day weekend, and remembered how much I loved it, so I threw it in the basket, too.  And a couple of packages of cheesecloth, since I haven't been able to find it in town lately. 

Now, I need another chicken. 

Dumplings await!

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