Wednesday, June 25, 2014

No Chat Today

I came in all excited and eager for this week's Chat, but when I went over to Everyday Rurality to get the questions, there weren't any.  In fact, there was no post at all.  I hope nothing is wrong.  I seem to remember her mentioning taking a break a while back.  I hope that's all it is. 

So, instead of our loverly little chats, you get a whole lot of miscellaneous gobbldygook. 

We were talking about dreams the other day on Facebook.  One of my friends had a pretty strange one, but yes, she knew I would be able to top it, and I was.  In my lifetime, I've had some corkers.  I've had people tell me I should turn some of my dreams into novels.  I told a dream to a former supervisor once, and he said I should sell it to Stephen King.  If you're interested, look in the right sidebar -----> under the label Dreams.  I've got quite the litany. 

The reason I went there is, I've noticed that since Jesse has started sleeping in the bedroom with me, I hardly have the really strange/frightening dreams any more.  Something about the security of having a warm, fuzzy body next to me, I guess.  Still, I kind of miss having those adventures at night.  Much more exciting than my day job. 

This afternoon, I spent a little time working in the flower beds-- weeding, deadheading and such.  I noticed that one of my little bluebonnets has a bloom.

A tiny little bloom, and at totally the wrong time of year, but hey, it's a BLUEBONNET!  Another one has a bud.  You have no idea how excited this makes me.  

I finally decided that nothing in my wildflower bed is going to bloom (except the black eyed Susans that are already blooming), so I started grubbing out all the grass and weeds.  I'm going to find some random stuff and just stick in there.  I may have to go up to Batesville after work Saturday to see what their Wal-mart or Lowe's has.  Ours doesn't have much left, unless they get some new stuff in before Friday.

I had to order some more of my Digestive Advantage from Amazon, along with some of my other supplements in my never ending quest to find a suitable replacement for the Estroven that no longer works...and since I can't just order one or two things, I threw this shirt into the basket.

I'd been eyeing it for a while now, and it just seemed right.  The bad news is, it's a cotton polyester blend, which makes it way too hot to wear to work, where it is way too hot anyway.  No biggie.  I tend to ruin my work clothes anyway, and I sure don't want to be ruining this one.  Not yet, anyway.

Weird thing is, I'd ordered five items, and Amazon sent them in three boxes.  I was like, Serious-Lee? 

Ha ha, you would have had to watch the musical 1776 to get that one. 

But seriously?  Three boxes?  And they all arrived on the same day, no less.  Brought by the same UPS man.  Who was a different UPS man from my regular UPS man.

I've had a book hangover today.  Can you tell?  What's a book hangover?  That feeling you  have when you stayed up way too late reading the night before.  Yeah.  That.  I've got it. 

OK, I'll stop now. 

You're welcome. 

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