Monday, June 16, 2014

Friday Funnies

Yeah, yeah, I know it's not Friday, but this is the post I would have written Friday if my brain had not deserted me for a far and distant place.  So you get it today, along with today's post.  Just remember, when I say "today", I mean Friday.

OK?  OK.  Let's roll...

Former Group Leader Rod had a brazer out today.  Any time Former Group Leader Rod has a brazer out, he asks for me specifically.  One time he told Group Leader Fernando -- who just happens to be Former Group Leader Rod's baby brother-- that I had volunteered.  I got into so much trouble for that.  I told Rod he owed me.  He just laughed.  Fernando, not so much. 

So, I spent today on Line 1.  Just like old times, it felt like going home in a way.

Right after lunch, management discovered that we were completely out of some vitally important something or other, so they sent everyone home.   Well, not everyone.  Just the assembly lines.  Rod asked me and his other brazer to stay a while and get some parts built up for the next shift.

Sometime later, I had to go over to tubing to get a part.  On the way over there, I ran into Fernando running up and down the aisle in a wild eyed panic.

"You've got to come braze this part for me!  I have to have this part!  The time vortex will collapse and the universe will implode if I don't get this part out today!!!"

OK, so maybe he didn't exactly say that...It was more like, "Are you busy?  Can you come braze this for me?", but that doesn't sound nearly as good in a blog post. 

Nevertheless, I went over and brazed the one part for him.  Since I was there and all.  When I got finished, I called to him to let him know it was ready.

Now, before we got any further, I must remind you that I've been told in the past that Fernando and I   act just like an old married couple.  Not that I would know, never having been an old married anything.  But I've been told that.  Just keep that in mind as you keep reading.

When I got finished brazing the one, single part he absolutely had to have right that very second, I turned around to let him know it was ready.  I called to him,


I kid you not, five people turned around.  Five people.  I thought that was unspeakably hilarious. I hope you found it mildly amusing, too. 

That was Friday's post.  Fast forward to today...Monday...

I got to work at 7:00, the usual time.  Fernando runs up to me, slams his hand down on my table, and says, "By golly, when I tell you to come in at 6:00, you'd better be here at 6:00!"

"You didn't tell me to come in at 6:00,"  I said.

"Yes I did," says he.

"No, you didn't," says I.

We were having an argument, is what it was.

"When you came down there (to the end of the line) and asked me, I told you to come in at 6:00."

"I didn't come down there and ask you."

"You didn't?"  he said, looking genuinely confused.

"Just how much time did you spend in the gas chamber when you were in the Army???"  

You see?  You see what I have to go through every day?  Is it any wonder I'm one step away from a padded room?  To restore my sanity, I came home, watched some Doctor Who, and cast on another hat:

Yes, the picture is sideways.  No, I'm not going to fix it. 

It's the same yarn as the last hat, but I cast on 120 stitches this time, to make a child/youth sized hat. 

Now, since he did tell me to come in at 6:00 AM tomorrow, it's time for me to go to bed.  Then get up and do it all over again...

Don't envy me my exciting life. 

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