Friday, June 27, 2014

New Flowers


I wandered through the garden center at Wal-mart today, and managed to find some plants on clearance.  Naturally, I snapped them up. 

I actually found a couple of flats of marigolds that weren't dead, so I got them.  And I got two Vincas and a couple of zinnias.  The huge zinnia on the left with all the orange flowers, I put into the pot that used to hold my petunias. 

I also bought one more packet of wildflower seeds.  Maybe since I grubbed up the weeds and turned the soil a bit, these might actually grow.  If they don't, well, they just don't.  I'm not buying anything else. 

I have to be at work and an unearthly hour in the morning, so I'm going to turn in early tonight.  Well, that's the plan, at least. 

Might not work out that way, but that is the plan. 

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