Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I thought I was going to be all cool and all last night, and go to bed early and get a good night's sleep.  Circumstance had other plans.  Somewhere in the night, the electricity went out. 

Yeah,  I slept through the storm that caused the electricity to go out, but not the electricity going out.  No electricity means no air conditioner.  No air conditioner means it got mighty warm in my bedroom. 

I kept thinking I should get up and open the window, but then I'd talk myself out of it.  With my luck, the minute I got the window open and got back into bed, the electricity would come back on.  Then I'd have to get back up and close the window.  That's what I kept telling myself, at least.  So, I didn't get up.  I just laid there and sweat.  Sweated.  Whatever. 

The electricity did eventually come back on, and I was able to sleep soundly for the rest of the night.  I woke up this morning thinking how thankful I am for power company workers who go out in the middle of the night, in all kinds of weather, to get our electricity back for us. 

But enough about the weather.  Let's get on to some crafty updates.

My little Christmas tree ornament thing is progressing apace. 

I'm really liking the way it's turning out.  I'd intended to give it as a gift, but it may not make it that far.

I cast on a second hat out of this King Cole Splash yarn.  

I'm making this one a little bigger, using a 120 stitch cast on and size 7 needles.  It should fit an older child or even a teenager.  And just to see how it would knit up, I cast on a hat with the yarn Beverly gave me.

It's definitely bright.  Here is a backed out photo, so you can see what the whole thing looks like.  

Finally, if you heard that anguished howl coming from this area, let me assure you I did not mean to shut Jesse up in the recliner.  Honest, I didn't. I didn't know he was under there.  Really. 

Poor baby. 

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