Thursday, June 20, 2013

Such A Total Luddite

I'm driving down to Jackson day before yesterday for my doctor appointment.  I've got GPS on my phone, along with Google Earth and whatever maps program that is also on my phone.  And what am I following to find the doctor's office?

Handwritten notes on a piece of paper.

Such a total Luddite!

I finally got my flower beds mulched.

I didn't even start until 7 PM, and by the time I got done, I was drenched in sweat.   By the way, I hear Alaska is having a heat wave.  They're getting up into the low 80s.

Poor babies.

I've been on a 1970s rock jag here lately.  After listening to some of those songs, I'm pretty sure those people must have been stoned out of their minds when they wrote them.  Seriously.  Listen to some of the lyrics.

By the way, I'm still singing Come Sail Away.  I've got this clever idea that if I can talk James into letting me use his boat...well, let's just say I want to get out on the water so badly it hurts.  

Finally, just for funsies, here is a picture of one of the cute little fish I caught yesterday.

They weren't all that small, but none of them were big enough to keep. 

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