Thursday, June 13, 2013

Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are an old military tradition dating back to the 1940s.  Despite having served 5 years in the military myself, I'd never even heard of them until just a few weeks ago.   I've heard of commemorative coins, but not challenge coins. 

For several years now, I've been buying coffee for troops serving overseas through Green Beans Coffee's Cup of Joe  program.  I really enjoy doing this, and the best part is when they send you thank you notes.

A few weeks back, they commissioned some challenge coins to be sent to people who'd bought a certain amount of coffee.

Now, I'd have bought the coffee anyway, but these coins sure are nice.

I've actually gotten two of them, one to carry with me, and one to keep special.

Well, they got me interested in collecting challenge/commemorative coins, so I did some digging and found a few more that I liked. The rest of these I'd consider commemorative coins, because challenge coins are usually presented to you for doing something-- even something small like buying soldiers coffee.

This one, because I will never forget, and I will teach it to my son that he may never forget.

And of course, I had to get a Navy Veteran coin.

And finally, a coin commemorating something near and dear to my heart:  The U.S. Constitution

On the back, it has the text of The Second Amendment, which is the most important one.

Because without the Second, there would be no others. 

I'll probably be adding to the collection, though slowly.  On the other hand, if anyone out there needs gift ideas....

Hint, hint.

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vrishti Rathore said...

Good collection of challenge coins. Keep continue your work and good luck for you!


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