Monday, June 17, 2013

Just A Few Things

I've gotten my poetry blog started, and am busy copying some of my older works into it.  I've noticed I go through spurts.  I'll write a whole bunch of poems for a while, then stop writing for sometimes years.  Then I'll write a bunch more. 

My first poetry is very strict in regards to rhyme and meter, but here lately, I've gotten more into free form stuff. 

Well, whatever... it's a private blog, but all my friends are welcome.  Just PM or e-mail me your gmail addy and I'll send you an invitation.  If you don't have gmail, I can still send you an invite, but they'll want you to create a Google account to have permanent access to the blog.  If you don't want to create a Google account, I'll have to resend your invitation every 30 days. 

I've got my doctor's appointment set for tomorrow morning.  When they called this afternoon to confirm, I asked for directions to the office.  She went into great detail, even directing me which deck of the parking garage to park on, but if I don't, that's OK, I just need to take the elevator to the right floor.  Yeah, thanks, I can figure that part out myself. 

Cody is going to ride with me, because he needs to go to the college campus for something.  After that, we're going to Redneck Heaven, also known as Bass Pro Shops.  Then Lowe's, and wherever else he wants to go.  I think I'll make him drive so I can knit on the way.

Yes, I had ulterior motives. 

Finally, in honor of Father's Day yesterday, here is one of my favorite Daddy songs:

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