Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chats On The Farmhouse Porch

I've got a few minutes before I have to leave to drive down to Jackson, so I thought we'd have time for a quick chat.  I'll have to read all of your chats when I get back.  

Everyday Ruralty

  1. Is there a friend or relative who has been on your mind a lot lately?
  2. Do you sunburn?
  3. If you were visiting my farm for a week (or weekend) would you want to cook with me, pick veggies or pull weeds with the farm crew, or just feed Wendell carrots until he outgrew his horse suit?
  4. Do you like to tell jokes or hear them?
  5. Do you wear sunglasses often?


1.  My son, Cody.  We've got to find him a summer job, but what with his truck being broke down and all, it's mighty hard.  And we can't afford to get his truck fixed until he finds a job, so yeah, we're kind of stuck in a vicious circle.  I keep telling him to put in as a temp out at the plant, so he could ride with me, but he hasn't.

2.  Surprisingly, as white as I am, I don't burn that badly.  Now, if I were in a bathing suit, yes, my back would burn, but my arms and legs don't.  The downside is, I don't tan either.  I used to lay out for hours as a teenager, and all I'd do was turn pink for a few hours, then go back to being blindingly white.

3.  I think I'd like to do both of the outdoor options.  I don't much like cooking, though people tell me I'm a good cook. I'd rather work in the yard or brush and feed the horse.

4.  I like to hear a good joke, but I'm not so keen on telling them.  I'm more into the sarcastic one-liners.

5.    Yes and no.  I don't wear sunglasses, but I do have the transition lenses in my regular glasses, so that sort of counts. 

That's it for the chat.  Now I need to start getting ready to go.  I'll let you all know how the doctor's appointment went. 


Empty Nester said...

My aunt is the same as you on the tanning deal. She would sit for hours and get a little pink and be just as pearly white the next day. Hope Cody finds something soon!

collettakay said...

I find sarcastic one-liners are what make me laugh the most. I have a strange sense of humor :)

Here's my chat:



Phoebes World said...

I discovered your blog through Patrice's Farmhouse Chats. Great answers, thanks for sharing

Phoebe x

Boo and Kari said...
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Suzanne McClendon said...

Oh those vicious circles are no fun! I hope that something will work out soon for your son, his truck, and a job.

Have a great week!


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