Saturday, December 12, 2009

Road Trip

I bought Jake a new toy at Wal-Mart yesterday. The tag said, "Fun and durable," yet this is how it looked after only 30 minutes with Jake.

The day was dreary and overcast, but Cody and I set out for Southaven anyway, to finish up our Christmas shopping. Cody drove, and I knit. I could get used to having a chauffeur. I managed to get a good bit done on J's hat on the way.

I'm not using a pattern, just basic hat construction. I did put a turning row in there, since he wants to be able to fold the cuff up over his ears a couple of times.

I made Cody stop and let me drive before we got to Southaven. Those people up there are crazy!

First stop was Petco. It was a madhouse in there. They were doing pet portraits with Santa, only they had Santa set up right in the entry way to the store. To get inside, you had to wait until they were done with whatever photo they were taking. Then, once you got inside, they had pet adoption day. Puppies and kittens. They had some that were half lab, half husky. They were soo cute! I wanted one so bad, but restrained myself. We're dog poor already.

We got these toys for Jake. They were massively expensive, but maybe they'll last longer than a week. They'd better, for the bucks I spent on them.

Upon leaving Petco, we went to Burger King to eat. I hadn't eaten at the Burger King here in Grenada since they put mayonnaise on my hamburger twice. I'd forgotten how good their fries are. I may just have to risk eating there again.

After eating, we went to a store called Gordmans. I'd never been there before, but someone from work had told me about it. I was able to finish my Christmas shopping there in that one store. I also got Cody a new jacket and a new pair of jeans. We made a token stop at the book store, but didn't buy anything there. By the time we left the bookstore, it was raining, and we were both tired, so we decided to come on home.

Buuuut...B had hinted that she wanted a new scarf, so I went by there anyway. Cody waited in the car, so I didn't stay long. Just long enough to find this Plymouth Galway on clearance.

It's color 12, but doesn't have a name. I bought enough to make a scarf and a matching hat, though it may have to be delivered some assembly required. Now comes the fun part--perusing patterns. But first, I have to finish J's hat.

So we finally came home. I drove home because by that time, the weather had gotten so bad that I didn't want an inexperienced driver trying to handle it. It was so bad in parts, I was having trouble controlling the vehicle. But we made it home fine, and just in time to watch the second half of the Army Navy game, which Navy won 17-3.

Go Navy!

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