Friday, December 18, 2009

Heard On The Radio

this morning:

What we need is fewer studies like this, and more people with post hole diggers.

I missed the first part of the conversation, so I don't really know what study they are talking about, but it has to do with Santa being unhealthy because he is fat.

The same show was talking a few weeks ago about a situation up in New Jersey in which a toll booth has been taken over by a wild turkey. Not the whiskey. The bird. Anyway, the turkey has declared this toll booth to be his territory. He is causing all kinds of problems, perching on the tops of cars, chasing employees, and generally making a nuisance of himself. The employees have had to start putting traffic cones on their cars to keep the turkey off, and the state officials were urging caution, etc, etc.

At that point, the man reading the story said, "You can tell these people are from up North, because had this happened in the South, that problem would have been solved in about two hours." And the other guy said, "Apparently, no one in New Jersey has ever heard of a shotgun."

That, folks, is The Rick And Bubba Show. It makes me wish my morning commute were just a bit longer.

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