Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Just a Quickie

I watched the new Star Trek movie tonight, and --though I think the word is overused in this pop culture, I have to say it, just this once. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

Still working long hours, so I need to head on to bed.

I got one Christmas present done, and I'll try to get a photo up of it soon. The recipient doesn't read this blog. In fact, I don't think he even knows it exists. Then again, I have made mention of it, so he probably knows it's here, but doesn't know how to get here. All that to say, expect hat photos soon. When I was picking out the yarn for it, Cody said he needed a new hat, too. So I got enough to do him one, as well. I cast on for it this evening.

Conversations with Cody:

Me: I slept all night last night.

Cody: Stranger things have happened.

Never a dull moment with that one...

1 comment:

Opal said...

i just watched the new star trek movie the other week too! i thought it was .. /ahem awesome too! :D

btw, sorry for the late comments, i'm really trying to catch up but you're so darn prolific. *L*


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