Monday, December 07, 2009

Don't Blame Romo

Everyone wants to blame Tony Romo for the loss to the Giants. Because he wasn't focused. Because he wasn't concentrating on football. Because he went to Las Vegas on his day off. It's got to be his fault. Really, who else is there to blame?

Well, they could be blaming Marion Barber. After all, he's the one who dropped the ball--literally. He fumbled the ball late in the second quarter, and it was recovered by the Giants and returned to the Cowboys 26, which led to their second touchdown of the game. But they aren't.

They could be blaming Nick Folk. After all, he missed two field goals, even though if he'd made them the Cowboys would still have fallen one point short. But they aren't.

They could be blaming the punt coverage unit for allowing Domenik Hixon to return a punt 79 yards for a touchdown. But they aren't.

They could be blaming the defense for giving up too many big plays, including a 74 yard touchdown reception by Brandon Jacobs. But they aren't.

They could be blaming the offensive line for not opening up the holes to get the running game going. They could even blame Marc Colombo for breaking his leg in Green Bay. After all, the offense just hasn't been the same without him. But they aren't.

They could be blaming Flozell Adams for getting into a fight with Justin Tuck right before half time and getting the Giants all fired up. But they aren't. By the way, ever notice how Tuck likes to talk big, but every time he and Flozell get into it, it's Flo who comes out on top? Oh, and how many tackles did Tuck have in this game? Two. That's right. Two tackles and no sacks. Who did that to him? Flozell Adams.

They could be blaming Sam Hurd for touching the ball before it went 10 yards on the onside kick, thus awarding possession to the Giants and sealing the win. Or they could blame David Bueher for not kicking the ball right. But they aren't.

Fans could be blaming the loss on any one of these things, or more realistically all of them put together. But they aren't. They are blaming the guy who completed 41 of 55 pass attempts for 392 yards, three touchdowns, zero interceptions, and a 112.1 quarterback rating. They are blaming the one guy on the team who actually did something right.

They are blaming Tony Romo.

Because that's what it means to be the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

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