Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Day Of Baking and Knitting

After church, of course, I got started on my Christmas baking. I made snickerdoodles.

You would be surprised at how many people, upon seeing these say, "Oh, sugar cookies with cinnamon sprinkled on them." I reply, "No, they're snickerdoodles." Then they say, "What are snickerdoodles? Are they sugar cookies with cinnamon sprinkled on them?" At this point, I just sigh, and say, "No, they're snickerdoodles" and leave it at that.

Then I made chocolate chip cookies--always a hit.

Cream cheese mints

and chocolate fudge.

I made up a plate to take to work, but most of it, we're keeping for our family Christmas.

I've still got peanut butter fudge, Turkish delight, stamp cookies, scotch cookies, and sandies to make, but I'll make them later in the week. I only got started this early because I said I'd take some to work.

In knitting news, I finished the Ice Queen, except for binding off and blocking.

That blue yarn hanging out of the bottom is the provisional cast on. I have to remove that, put the live stitches on a needle, and bind off using the picot bind off. This is the last Christmas present I have to finish. Upon completing it, I decided that by golly, I was going to knit something for me. So I cast on a hat, using Cowboy colors, of course.

I plan on making it gray with a blue stripe. I've just spit spliced the blue to the gray, but haven't started knitting it yet.

See that nasty looking little wad of stuff in the lower right? Somebody was wanting me to play with him.

That is all that is left of his rope toy.

Since the Colts played Thursday, and the Cowboys played yesterday--handing New Orleans their first loss of the season, by the way--there was a dearth of football today. I did watch Atlanta and the Jets, then I watched Green Bay lose to Pittsburgh, and part of Minnesota and Carolina, but it just isn't the same when you have no vested interest in the teams.

I've got two days of work this week, then I'm off until next year. Since I haven't figured out how to make 4:30 come any later, I guess I'd better head for bed.



Martial Arts Mom said...

I've only done pumpkin bread from my husband's grandma's recipe that he loves, chocolate cookies w/peanut butter chips and chocolate chips (from Mrs. Fields Cookie Book) and they turned out great. Still want to do sugar cookies (w/o cinnamon & sugar - LOL) and snickerdoodles (my personal favorite)But my mom is back in the hospital so I've gotten behind. Hoping to get to that tomorrow night with any luck as I have to work all week except Christmas itself. And tonight my mom probably comes home from hospital - that'll be a couple of hours or more getting her home and settled. Then Wed. night is pool (as in billiards, not swimming) night and we'll be wrapping and prepping to smoke our ham Thurs. night so I'm pretty well screwed in getting them done any other time. It's been a fun week - lemme tell ya. Your cookies look yummy tho!

Carol said...

everything looks yummy! I did my baking last week, but it vanished quickly... so I'll have to make more today. I made your snickerdoodles they were a hit!!!

Opal said...

oh those cookies look so yummy!


Becky said...



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