Friday, October 06, 2017

A Little Behind

When you work 12 hours a day, sometimes for 7 days a week, you tend to get behind on things.  I seem to be behind on everything.  I decided today would be a good day to take a break from running the chainsaw to try to get my bank accounts reconciled.  I hadn't done it since May.  I don't recommend going that long. 

It took some doing, but the account I use most is all caught up.  And I still have money left!  I've got a couple other accounts I'm going to take care of tomorrow, but the hard part is done.

Once I'd finished with that, I took Cody's birthday presents in to mail them, then went on to Wal-mart to get a leaky tire fixed.  While I was waiting, I wandered around the store.  And bought stuff.  Stuff I didn't need.  Which is why they put a service center in that store in the first place. 

So, what did I buy while I was waiting to get my flat tire fixed?  I'll tell you.  I bought a couple more Fall decorations, to add a final touch to my home.  A dish towel to hang over my oven handle so I have a little fall color in my kitchen. 

Yes, my stove is black.  So are my refrigerator and dishwasher.  I wouldn't have chosen those colors, but the previous owner let them go with the house.  When they die, I'll be getting either white or stainless steel -- depending on what I can afford. 

I'd been looking at this for a while, and I thought it'd be just right to fill in that last little dark spot on my book shelf right nicely. 

On impulse, I bought another mum.  I hadn't intended to, but when I saw how many buds it had, I couldn't resist. 

I brought it home and put it into the pot I'd had my other mum in -- the mum I almost killed because I forgot to water it.  I can't wait until all those buds open up.  It ought to be gorgeous! 

Here's the neat thing.  I'd wanted a small shop-vac for a while, now.  I knew I'd seen them at Wal-mart before, but for the life of me, I couldn't find them once I was ready to buy one.  Every time I went in there, I looked all over.  I finally gave up, and found one on  I put it into my shopping cart, but hadn't checked out yet.  I was going to use my savings catcher balance to pay for it, and just hadn't gotten around to transferring the balance to an e gift card.  It's one of those things, I kept saying, "Self, when you get home from work, do that savings catcher thing so you can buy your shop vac," but when I got home, I didn't do it. 

Good thing, because as I was walking around waiting for my tire to get fixed, I turned a corner and there they were. 

That's the exact same one I'd put into my cart online.  I was bummed, though because I got home, and was reading the user manual,.  I'd thought maybe I could use it to vacuum the ashes out of my wood stove.   Alas, you can't use a regular shop vac for ashes.  I did a quick minute of research, thinking I'd just do it anyway, what could it hurt, after all.  For one thing, if you vacuum up a hot coal, you could melt your shop vac.  That would not be good.  Even if you're completely sure the ashes are completely cool, they're still way too fine for a regular vacuum.  They'll pass right through the filter and burn up your motor.  So, no vacuuming ashes.  Back to using a broom and shovel.  Sigh, can't win 'em all. 

On the bright side, I can use it to vacuum out my car without having to lug my full sized vacuum cleaner outside.  If I ever get my shed cleaned out, rebuilt, and get myself some woodworking equipment, I can use it to vacuum up sawdust. 

Baby Addlyn's sweater is almost finished.  I've got to weave in the ends and sew on the buttons, then wash and block it, and it'll be done.

I bought a pack of buttons for it, because I couldn't find my button box.  Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I got home from the store, I remembered where I'd put my button box.   At least now I have a whole bunch of new buttons to put into it. 

Bad news on the Jimmy.  The mechanic said the rat that had built a nest in the engine did more damage than he'd originally thought.  We'd have to put more money into fixing it than we could get out of it selling it, and it wouldn't be worth it.  He's got a buddy who buys old junk vehicles for parts, so he's going to talk to him and see what he can get for it. 

It won't be as much as I'd hoped, but it's my own fault.  I shouldn't have left it sitting in the yard for two years. 

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