Monday, November 02, 2015

This Is Your Fight Song

When I woke up this morning after some very strange dreams involving a certain former group leader, a baseball bat, and having to repair a machine at work with cake icing, this is the song that was running through my head.

Love The Piano Guys, and this just might be their best song yet.  It's a mash up of This Is My Fight Song, Scotland The Brave, and Amazing Grace.  You might not think Fight Song and Amazing Grace would go together, but when you think about it, they really do.  Amazing Grace IS my fight song.  It articulates what keeps me going.  Amazing Grace. 

One of my Facebook friends posted a Thanksgiving 30 Day Scripture Writing Plan.  (That links to a PDF file.)  Since writing is my thing, I quickly jumped on this.  I knew exactly which journal I wanted to use, too. 

The one with the Compass Rose on it.  It just seemed right.

Anyway, I reposted the link and several of my friends have decided that they want to do it with me, so we can encourage each other.  See, I knew all those journals would come in handy some day.

I'm getting close to finishing my bathroom.  I'd probably be closer if I didn't keep piddling around in front of the computer so much, but no matter.  I'll get done eventually.  I bought this mirrored cabinet to hang over my sink, but I'm debating on whether to leave it like it is, or paint it my accent color. 

I'm thinking I may leave it like it is.  After all, every beach needs some driftwood, doesn't it?  And yes, those switch plates are crooked.    I've still got to find some decorative things for the walls, but I'm starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Then I'll get to start on the next room. 

My big accomplishment over the weekend was to get three more boxes emptied out.  Not everything is put away, but I did get two big boxes out of my dining room area.  All my glasses and mugs are put on my shelves, and the kitchen is starting to feel like my kitchen.

It's strange, not seeing that big box in the corner under my bar.  It's the first thing I brought to this house, and now it's not there any more.  I still have a long way to go, but I'm making progress.

I really need to find the rest of my yarn, though.   

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