Friday, November 13, 2015

I Can Haz...

Long time readers may remember me mentioning that Beverly and James are moving back to Texas at the end of the year.  Or thereabouts.  That's why I needed to buy a house.  Another thing I needed to do was to get a new car.  My old Jimmy has been a good vehicle, but he'd gotten to the point where I just didn't trust him to be reliable -- what with me not going to have family around any more.  I needed something I could depend on.

Bright and early this morning, James and I went car shopping. I'd been looking around on websites like Autotrader and Truecar, but James said, "Let me take you out to talk to the guy I usually buy from."

We drove out to the dealership and started looking around.  I'd planned on getting a used car, but while we were standing there talking, the sales man Charles said, "Let's just go look at this Focus over here." 

Now, a Focus was one of the cars I'd been looking at on those websites, so I liked it immediately.  Even though it's brand new, between the Friends and Family event and several discounts and rebates they were able to give me, it ended up not costing much more than what I would have paid for a used one. 

After signing almost as many papers as I did when I bought my house, I drove off the lot, a proud owner of a brand new 2015 Ford Focus. 

 I got home and went out to take these pictures, and wondered how I'd gotten it muddy already.  Sigh...

It's got all sorts of fancy gadgets on it.  I can sync my phone to it, too.  

And look!  Cup holders deep enough to actually hold a cup!  

The ones in my Jimmy were so shallow, the cups would fly out of them every time I went around a corner.  

Best of all, the heater works!  Which means the defroster also works!  Woo hoo!  I'll be able to see when I'm driving to work on those frosty cold mornings. 

Speaking of frosty mornings, they're predicting temps down into the upper 30s tonight.  I asked James if he still had his fancy schmancy motorized wood splitter.  He'd already taken it to Texas, but he gave me his wood splitting ax to use. 

After splitting one log, I determined that our ancestors were made of much sterner stuff than we are.  I went out and did about 4 more after running into town for a minute, and I'm telling you, I haven't worked that hard since I can remember.  If you want abs, forget the weight room.  Just go split a cord of wood. 

I kinda want to go out and split some more, but I kinda already can't move. 

I think I'd better wait until tomorrow.

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