Thursday, November 19, 2015


I got a pleasant surprise when I got home from work today.  My drapes are here a day early!

Pay no attention to the Tigger towel on the back of my recliner.    I'm pleading the 5th. 

Anyway, I think they'll look very nice once I get the paneling painted.  It's supposed to be cold this weekend, so I may have time to work on the house some more.  I really want to get Jimmy cleaned out and cleaned up so I can sell him.  That all depends on how cold it is. 

Thanksgiving is only a week away.  Yesterday at work, they gave us our ham or turkey, whichever one we chose.  I got a turkey.  I took a garbage bag with me because I didn't want to put it in my new car.  Turns out it wasn't necessary.  They handed our meat out in these re-usable bags.

If you know me, you know what I'm going to put into this!  If you don't, here's a hint: 


Speaking of knitting, thanks to some generous friends, I've been able to add several squares to both my sister's blanket and mine.  Soon, I'll take a picture of both to update you.

Speaking of work, I filled in for a brazer who was out today.  That means I had a whole new department of people to accost with baby pictures.  Oh, and I have Angie's permission, so I am officially (if not genetically) Wyatt's Great Aunt Becky. 

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