Saturday, November 28, 2015


Despite it being very warm today, and very un-Christmassy feeling, I started putting out the rest of my decorations.  What that really means is I spent most of the day looking around and saying, "Where am I going to put all this stuff?" 

I usually put the same stuff in the same place year after year, but what with this being a new house and all, I'm still figuring out were to put things.  I did get Santa and the two elves up by the tree.

 And the Fontanini Nativity. 

 I knew I wanted to put this nativity on one half of my mantle, but I wasn't sure about what to put on the other side. 

Years and years ago, I had started collecting a Christmas village out of a craft catalog. The plan was to get a piece each year until I had the whole set, because I couldn't afford all of them at once.  I had only gotten three pieces -- and only finished painting one of those-- when the magazine stopped carrying them.  I looked online, and I think the company went out of business, because the only place you can find them now is on places like ebay.  

Wal-mart carries Christmas villages, so I thought I'd start getting some of them, when Cody shows up at the house and said that Beverly had told him to bring me these. 

This is a Sarah, Plain and Tall village that was put out by Hallmark several years ago.  The buildings are a bit small, and it looks kind of lost on that mantle, so I don't think that will be its permanent home.  I've mentioned before that Beverly and James are going to give me several pieces of furniture when they move, and I have an idea where it will fit, once I get their entertainment center.  I used to have some of that white polyfiber stuff that looks like snow.  I'm not sure what happened to it, but maybe I can find some to put under it.  I know Wal-mart has some trees, so I'm going to get some next time I run into town. 

Some good news to finish out this post.  I finally got the title to my old trailer house.  We had to go round and round with the Tax people, mainly because the finance company had changed hands a couple of times.  They needed documentation of said hands-changing.  I sent them the documentation they needed, only they lost or tossed some of it.  I had to re-send it.  This time, they got the message.

 Monday after work, I'm going to take it in to Steve's bank.  They'll hold it until he pays off the loan he has with them.  I don't know if they'll need to witness me signing it over, so I thought I'd just take it myself, just to be sure.   I did call him to let him know I'd gotten it.  That's a relief to finally have that mess over and done with. 

One more thing I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving week.

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