Saturday, October 31, 2015

Scary Things

Yesterday was our annual inventory day at work. Long time readers may remember back in the day, inventory was pretty rough. We'd go in at 5:30 (yes, that is ante meridian), and sometimes not get off until 9:00 or 10:00 at night. Over the last few years, they'd made changes and streamlined the process, so that it only took 4 or 5 hours to do inventory. I was usually home by noon.

I am convinced that my place of employment sits around and figures out what makes the most sense so that they can do just the opposite.

I've been inventorying the tubing department ever since I started. I've been doing it longer than I have been writing this blog. I can inventory tubing in my sleep. This year, they decided I needed to inventory the stock room.

What the heck? I don't know anything about the stockroom. What's worse, this year they decided that each card writer (that's the person who fills out the inventory slips that the office puts into the computer) needs to have what they call a chieftain following him around all day.

First off, I do not like people hovering over me while I'm trying to work. Drives me up the wall. Secondly, I have been doing inventory for a long, long time. I know what to do. I don't need someone pestering me while I'm doing it. Finally, my chieftain had never done inventory before. He had no idea what he was doing. I was having to correct him.

For example, he came to me and said, “I found some more of such and such part, just add them to that other ticket.” I had to tell him that you can't do that. “I'd have to void the entire card and rewrite it, so I'll just write another card for these parts.”

I managed to get my job done, even though I could have done it in half the time had I not had a chieftain worrying me to death all day, and getting in the way.  I swear, I couldn't move without tripping over him.  We finished our area around 9:30, but my chieftain decided we (my counter and I) needed to go help Other Chieftain with his area.

“I can't just go help Other Chieftain. Only those people assigned to Other Chieftain's area can write cards for that area. I'll have to go get cards assigned to Other Chieftain's area.”

I didn't want to go help Other Chieftain, because I knew what would happen, and it happened exactly that way. As soon as we got over there, Other Chieftain's people stopped and stood there for the rest of the day watching us do their work. Not only that, Other Chieftain told them they could go on home, while he made us stay to finish his area. I was one of the last of the floor people to get to leave. Made me so mad. Not that I mind helping, but I shouldn't have to do their work FOR them.

Anyway, back in my Navy days, we had a term for what went on the the plant yesterday.  I sure hope they go back to the old way next year.

When I got home, I called the guy who bought my trailer. I had some more papers to bring to him. He said he'd call me this morning and we'd meet somewhere in town and make that exchange. Good, I'd just wait until today to go do my shopping. Only he never called. I went into town anyway around 9:00 AM, hoping to beat the rain.

I didn't make it.

It started sprinkling on me about halfway into town and hasn't stopped yet. It's supposed to rain all weekend, up until Monday morning. Could be worse. It's 10' in Fairbanks right now, where my sister lives.

So, the plan for today was to polish my hinges up 

and get my doors back onto my bathroom cabinets. The doors need a few touch ups, but for the most part, they are done. 

However, when I got home from the store, there was a package in my mailbox. What was in said package?

Yarn! My friend Abby sent me some yarn for the blanket. I should be able to add several squares to my sister's blanket with all this yarn. There is even some that I can add to my blanket.

Since knitters are the most generous people on the planet, she also sent me two hand knit dishcloths as a housewarming gift.

Just the thing to brighten up this chilly, rainy day.

Thank you, Abby! You're the best!

The good news is, some of the Halloween candy managed to survive until tonight.  What with the weather being bad and all, most parents are looking to go to the indoor activities at local churches, so I might not need it after all. But it's there, just in case. 

No matter what, we do need this: 

From Ghoulies and Ghosties 
And long legged beasties
And things that go bump in the night
May the Good Lord deliver us.

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